Friday, June 22, 2012

This and That

Kim looks back on the Olympics process.  It is amazing that she leaves out Bela having her doing endless repetitions to get that double layout consistent as her leg was failing.  Zmeskal is one tough girl who should've been rewarded with a 10.000 on floor at Trials.

Evgeny Plushenko will perform a long program to Nino Rota's Romeo and Juliet this season.  He is working on it in Italy with Kenji Miyamoto.  Mishin says it is going well and that he is completely healthy.  It is yet to be seen how he will flail his arms to this music, but I have complete confidence that he will accomplish the task.

Yu-Na Kim and Michelle Kwan are considering skating together for the Closing Ceremonies at the 2013 Special Olympics World Winter Games.  Kwan says she has not skated since her last show with Yu-Na.

Yao Jinnan in the Olympic Year

Jamie Sale and Craig Simpson married this week.  The ice breeds romance when you're lifting someone by their naughty bits.

Averbukh's Russian stars are coming to London  (I think we all need to kiss Averbukh's ass to be employed skaters para siempre.)

Rohene Ward Update

LA Times Feature on Gabby Douglas

NBC Olympics Gabby Douglas Feature

David Boudia is officially returning to the Olympics after his win the 10M Synchro with Nick McCroy. (Video)

Rebecca Bross is becoming a sentimental favorite this year.  After years of not being our favorite, she seems to have grown on everyone with her resilience.

The LA Times makes Breaking Pointe the latest scapegoat for perfectionism and its devastating effects on society.  (The other subjective sports are next.  Frankly, the show couldn't buy this publicity.)

Dare Maxwell works her back full on beam.


  1. In that interview with Yao Jinnan, it sounds like her coach calls Gabby the "little black one." Nice, China. At least learn her name.

    1. None of the American girls knew how to say He Kexin!

    2. Right, but they didn't give her any racially related nicknames, either.

    3. If he was reffering to Nastia as the "tall blond one" or to Bross as "the one with the carly hair" would anyone have any problem?

  2. Love me some KIM ZMESKAL! When I saw the Olympic Trials back in '92 and that whip to double layout - I think I cried because it was so good. So crappy that she was hurt for the Olympics. Her attitude about it all was so classy - and look at her now - coaching a whole slew of elites. LOVE HER so much. I have 3 faves of all time - Kim, Daniela Silivas & Aurelia Dobre.

  3. Thank you for posting the Synchro boys. I have no interest in watching the women, but the male divers are beautiful!!!