Friday, June 29, 2012

Favorite Things Friday!

Your guilty pleasure.

Hell to the yeah.

The greatest.

Her best routine from a year to forget.

Best. Junior. Ever.

My Love,

Our favorite case for the benefits of adderall.  Her L Turn+Front Aerial is the love of my life.

Dominique Dawes will be able to do this bar routine with three months of training at age 60.

Jamie finally decided to quit being a lazy mess and put her bitchy attitude to use.  Once she got good, she never looked back.

Stella Umeh knows how fantastic she is.  The girl did her own floor routines and even tried to leave, but stuck around like a dramatic diva and owned every second of it.

Lovely Elise Ray at her peak.  Leave it to the Karolyis to always peak their star too soon.

Tasha being the shit.

Everybody loves Kate.

An effing miracle.

And just because...


  1. Is there live streaming of the women's tonight? i'm on the west coast and its being shown with a 3 hour delay...i'd like to watch live.

    1. I think you have to have a cable subscription of some sort, but the trials are streaming live:

  2. Michelle Kwan kicks butt…

  3. beyonce is so pretty with the black hair, wish she would do that more often

  4. Had not watched the J Butt stuff in a long time. What a tasty Friday treat. That knee slide near the beginning--I die.

  5. Totally dig Kwan's intensity in that program. First rate indeed!!

    I miss Jeffy too. . . His Ina Bauer is my favorite!! LOVED his reaction to his win.