Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Podium Training Videos

Nastia looks good on bars, but the pirouettes could be sharper, the pak is still overly-spotted and the dismount can have more amplitude with a better landing.  She is good, but this is where she needed to be at VISAs.  This routine didn't look as confident as the routine she did yesterday, but she may have been more nervous going for the dismount in public in front of Martha, etc.

Douglas on beam.

Maroney on floor.

Raisman on beam.

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Inside Gymnastics' coverage of men's media day


  1. Please God, if you exist, make Aly Raisman fall down a well until after the Olympics. Then she can be rescued and all that.

    It's rare to see everything that's wrong with gymnastics manifested in one person.

    1. Leaaaaaaave Aly Aloooone!!!

    2. Oh don't worry, the international judges aren't going to just ignore the ugly like they do in the U.S.

      It'll be a tough lesson to learn for Marta et. al., but it'll get taught.

    3. @Anonymous June 28, 2012 3:15 AM
      But the international judges didn't seem to ignore the ugly at the last two Worlds. Aly actually placed 4th in the AA and won bronze on FX. I can't stand her gymnastics but she seems like such a sweet girl. And she's consistent-fugly form helps there but Marta love oonsistent.

    4. Aly will go to London for team USA to do Beam and Floor in TF. She is ranked #3 in the world on floor and is the favorite for Floor Gold due to her high degree of difficulty and the fact that her rivals on that event are either not 100% right now or have equavalent or worse form and artistry issues as she does. Aly also is a consistent hitting machine like Ponor at her best who seems to have done just fine with much worse form.

      On beam, Aly is ranked 4th in the world and does not waiver. Even with for deductions, she's going to be hovering around the 15 mark without major mistakes. That's just fine for team USA.

  2. The DIVA Ms Douglas looking good, looking good!!

  3. Danny boy's lips looks delicious!

  4. With her dismount, anyone know the starting value for Nastia's bar routine?

  5. What are the captions on the Int'l Gym video? I don't get it...

  6. Nastia has a 6.5 start value if she hits her handstands in her Bi,Ono combination and she was off the 2 times she has been seen. She was held up by Valeri on the pak salto

  7. I don't even watch gabby douglas's beam podium training anymore. That is not an accurate representation of how she will compete. It is just a tease.

  8. can somebody please explain what is the problem with nastia's pak? shouldnt that be as do-able as walking and chewing gum for someone of her years of training and experience? seems like valeri should be watching her do instead of making it happen. shawn and chellsie must be getting a kick out of it