Sunday, June 17, 2012

Yu-Na Kim at Artistry on Ice


Yu-Na looks far more trained than she did at All That Skate Spring 2012.  Her skating looks stronger and the programs look rehearsed.  There isn't a vibe that she is phoning it in like we've come to expect during her late 2010, 2011 and early 2012 exhibition performances.  She is finally growing as a performer, especially with All of Me.  These videos show a joy that has been sorely missing from her skating since Vancouver.

Someone Like You

All of Me


  1. I find her very enigmatic.

    Her edge work is just beautiful tho.

  2. It's too bad Yu Na seems to have burned out on competing because I think she's essentially a far superior skater to anyone else in the ladies field right now (and that includes all the the over-hyped Russian girls).

  3. Wow...BEAUTIFUL! I wanna skate like her.

  4. @ June 17, 2012 4:08 PM

    One of commentators for British Eurosport once called Yuna as an "enigma." That was the time she showed clearly burned-out performances at Worlds in 2010 and presented a beautiful exhibition "Meditation to Thais." I think she's been very enigmatic skater and person since because she's not sure about the biggest part of her skating future: compete or retire. It gives her or any other skaters really vague and ambivalent stance, as other anonymous poster said before. You hate it and at the same time love it. IMO she's being very transparent, reflecting outside exactly what she feels.

  5. Oh, I forgot to thank you for posting vids, AJ:D

  6. I would pick All of Me as one of the best gala Yuna ever had. There's something special about her skating and it just oozes out from the beginning to the end.

    Someone like you is also beautiful and Yuna is stunning with that angelic costume but it seems too predictable result from David+Yuna combination. oh and Yuna please show your white boots! your legs are long enough ;p

  7. Competition!!! very complicated even for men skaters.. Evan and Johnny. Last year, I was happy Evan's coming back. but He did not.
    But I don't want to blame his decision. Even if Johnny won't comeback next season as he promised, I won't blame him. Figure skating is cruel, when you get into into competitions. They cannot be fooling around. That's why they are hesitant to come back to competitions.

    The love of skating is one thing, Winning in competitions is totally another...

    Not that simple, isn't it?

  8. Michelle Kwan is in Korea as the capacity of special olympics ambassador, and Yuna and Kwan had a joint press meeting. They said they are considering having an ice show together in Korea sometime next year.