Friday, June 15, 2012

Favorite Things Friday!


The routine that stole the hearts of the gym world.

Tatiana Lysenko sticking everything with her fractured leg.

Vika's winning moment.

Ukrainian ferocity.

The Kween.

Dominique's shining moment.

Shannon's underrated short-lived routine.


Atler's shining moment.



  1. I have long thought that Kwan made herself look like an ass for skating to fields of gold. Made me happier that she did not win at the olympics.

    1. Anon 9:46, I don't think Michelle would have skated to "Fields of Gold" had she actually WON gold. Skating to it because she DIDN'T, "Fields of Gold" symbolizes how she TRANSCENDS the Olympic Gold medal. It was a moment that was not lost on those with eyes to appreciate Michelle in the first place.

    2. You're delusional.

  2. I love the Atler video. It takes us back to a time when leaping out of a pass was innovative and a gymnast ACTUALLY leaped out of a pass (rather than landed, stumbled, and then jumped).

    1. agreed! I will always compare those crap leaping passes to this one :) always loved that routine :) If only they had Olympics in 1998...

  3. I think Komova will win the AA. I have a feeling that if Wieber is on the AA podium, i it will be silver or bronze. I see Komova on top with Douglas and Iordache in the silver or bronze positions. That is unless Komova and Douglas mess up beam, but I hope they are perfect!

  4. Where are all those pretty hands, and heads today? They just finish things off royally. It just adds so much more than and element with no frill. ugh.

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  6. I HATED when the networks insisted on miking Bela Karolyi during his gymnast's routines. SO ANNOYING!

    It's weird hearing British commentators for U.S Olympic Trials Lol?!

    Vanessa Atler to me will be one of the greats. Her '98 FX tumbling pass has not been matched imo compared to those craptacular 'leaps' out of tumbling passes of today.

    I was never a Kwan fan but her "Fields of Gold' expo at the Olympics was rather touching-for me at least.

    Baiul remains an all-time skating fave.

    I was never into Shannon Miller and it got worse post '94 for me. Her '96 Olympic beam final was rather clutch but I didn't like her FX except for her '92 version. Her body changes seemed to kill her speed in some of those tumbles.

  7. Michelle's program is awesome.