Friday, June 29, 2012

Breaking News

Katie Holmes filed for divorce from Tom Cruise.  Maybe Julianne Hough will get all of her film roles too.  Should she leave Seacrest for Cruise?  Who is offering more in beard money?

Good for Suri, it isn't like Tom was her biological father anyway.


  1. Actually I thought they made a convenient couple, but who was the beard for who? Katie eats at the y. Maybe Katie will hook up with Nadia, and Tom can start dating Bart. I just hope it does not screw up Barts relationship with Paul.

  2. I think the pre-nuptials were about to expire again..

  3. Well, she did an good job of making him reasonably relevant again. Everyone was over him and then over him again when he did the couch jumping stuff but in the years since he has become palatable again. Some funny cameos and displaying a sense of humor helped. Maybe that was what her contract was for -- to try to make him seem human and likable and then get out.