Thursday, June 28, 2012

This and That

Women's Podium Training

Mark Hanretty edged out Garrett Kling in the YAS finals by half a star.  Job well done to both lads.

The final rankings for the Canadian Women's Team (It is projected they will take the top five and the sixth will be the alternate, but they are delaying their announcement.  The fifth and sixth sports will be finalized this evening.  The powers that be are not sold on Ellie Black, but there are rumors they aren't thrilled with Savona either.)
1. Vaculik  (93.2 points)
2. Moors (83 points)
3. Rogers (41.6 points)
4. Pegg (33.9 points)
5. Black (26.6 points)
6. Savona (23.2 points)
7. Gardiner (14.6 points)
8. Gerber (7 points)
9. Dowling (5.4 points)
10. Tsang (5 points)
11. Unick (2 points)

Jade Barbosa is out of the Olympics over a refusal to sign a contract to wear a leotard with the designated sponsor logo.

Martha update.

Interview with Maroney.

Interview with Bross.

Interview with Wieber

Interview with Raisman

Women's Media Day

More with the CGA Gang

Steven Gluckstein beat out his brother to become an Olympian.


  1. USA Olympic team?

  2. "Five spots available on the olympic team, as many as ten vying for those spots." Ummm, Matt Oliver, wouldn't all fifteen be vying for those spots?!