Wednesday, June 27, 2012

This and That

Ellie Black at Canadian Trials.  Girlfriend was hosed by the judges and has dropped in the Canadian points ranking.  #politics

Madeline Gardiner at Canadian Trials.

Mikaela Gerber has only slightly better odds of making it than Sabrina Vega and Brenna Dowell, but she is lovely to watch.

Great Profile on Danell Leyva

Men's Olympic Trials Podium Training Quick Hits from San Jose

Word is that Anastasia Sidorova is out with an injury and that Anna Dementyeva is back in the mix at the Olympic Training Camp.

Men's Podium Training Highlights

 Victoria Moors

Jessica Savona

Kristina Vaculik

Wonderful Moments of OCD with MLT, Brown, Priessman and Hundley.  MLT needs a good Russian to fix her over-processed girls.  Some of her OCD is just excessive and wearing these girls down.  CGA gymnastics is looking very Midwestern.  Very literal.

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  1. I always wonder why you don't cover SYTYCD? The Top 20 reveal show is tonight. **SPOILERS** they have 3 classically trained ballet dancers, and 2 ballroom in the midst of the contemporary this year **SPOILERS** Should be a great season! (even if the show's dying)