Saturday, June 9, 2012

VISAs Video Roundup

There are way too pauses in this routine.  For someone who looks to be in great shape, she is breathing hard after every skill.  It looks the the nerves of not competing more than a dozen routines over the last three years are catching up with her.

This girl is going to be so good in college, especially on bars and beam.  She looks a tad beaten down, but she keeps plugging away.  Her floor routine should be better given who her choreographer is.  Then again, the state of the sport makes that almost impossible.

Will Jetter make Trials?

With more confidence, Brianna Brown could be quite a steady gymnast.  She is never going to be a star.

Brenna Dowell---another girl whose time will come in college.

The beam routine of Price's life.


Sloan-- overvaluing her day?

Ross' interviews are the same as her gymnastics.

Raisman should not speak.

Gabby is honest about last year's meet.  This is NOT a typical gymnast interview.

Jordyn's moment of boredom.

Nastia talks about what she has been looks like she won't do the dismount on Sunday.


Raisman discusses what went wrong on bars...maybe she should start with level 4.


  1. I couldn't pay much attention to Bridget's beam routine because of that huge video camera moving around. How close is that to the gymnast?? It looks like it would be so distracting.

  2. Not very close. If they notice it, there is a big problem with their mental game at that moment.

  3. If fat lazy nastia can not make it through a bar routine with her limited difficulty she needs to stay home. She used to be good,now she is worthless. Bross is better then fatty. I am sure shawn and chelsie could beat her. Look what a disaster our Olympic champion has become.

    1. If you think Liukin looked 'fat' then there's something wrong with YOU. What a nimrod.

    2. Who is that bitch nastia trying to fool. There is no way in hell she has been doing that routine 2 or 3 days in practice. Certainly not looking that way. It is amazing that she is not better honestly. She came back right after worlds {we know she was training hard before that} why is it that sacramone is much further ahead then she is? Sac had to learn to walk again while nastia was already doing bars. Wonder if she regrets doing price is right?

  4. Gabby even talks like a squirrel! :D

  5. Oh my god I love Gabby.

  6. The gabby interview is pure art! So getto. I love it!

  7. Jordan is so dull, I could not even make it through the clip. If she wins, she will make nothing. It was a waste for Raisman to go pro. Other then sylvan learning center or some speech therapy place, I don't know who she could endorse.

  8. the fact that price pulled out that beam routine while everyone was going crazy for jordyn's floor makes it even more impressive. i'm pissed that the judges hate her for whatever reason. She should definitely be higher in the AA standings after her awesome day 1.

  9. I love Gabby. LOVE. At first I questioned her decision to go pro but now I think she could stand to make a lot of money. She's sassy, she's got a cute personality, she's turning into a very cute girl, and she's quite marketable. If she performs well at the Olympics I think she'll make a lot more money than Jordyn. And don't even get me started on Raisman. She should have taken the Florida scholarship because I don't see her making more money than what the scholarship would have been worth.