Friday, June 22, 2012

Favorite Things Friday: Beauty Edition

So glad she forgot her real dress at home!

The beam queen!

We need Li Li's back spin in our lives.

A routine to remember.

Love and cigarettes with Usova and Zhulin

Another girl who broke our hearts.

Vishneva's Ly Bayadere

Lovely Baraksanova.

Steve's yelling adds oh so much!

Lopatkina's Paquita variation

I don't care that she was unable to tumble: I LOVE this routine.

Obraztsova's Interrogation

A wonderful moment.

An old favorite.


  1. You can NEVER have to much Michelle Kwan in your life!!!!!!!!!! <333333

  2. We don't need Li Li's redonkulous wedgie in our lives. I remember the Chinese getting a team deduction several times for poor fitting leotards.

  3. I cannot properly express how much I CAN'T STAND Steve Nunno. Ugh. It's as if Shannon couldn't possibly do her routines if he wasn't screaming through them...and giving her 8 million instructions before each routine. Drove me nuts. She could do most of her routines in her sleep.

    Wouldn't surprise me if Steve somehow concocted a wireless ear bud thing for Shannon to wear at all times, so he could give her 8 million more instructions during her routines. He is awful. Not sure how Shannon dealt with him all of those years.

  4. Who knows what the "real" dress for Song of the Black Swan was? Those were the days when Michelle had a different dress for every single performance of everything she did anyway! At first I thought each new dress meant the last one had proved lacking in some way, but after awhile I decided she must have adopted the Hollywood philosophy of not wearing the same dress twice. I personally prefer seeing the same dress throughout the season for a program and always having the two connected in my mind.

    1. Skaters changing dresses never bothered me, but I do have a personal peeve whenever a skater performs to music that references a color and doesn't wear said color. I remember in the mid- or late 90s seeing some second-tier girl from some poor country skate a short program to "Black Velvet." What did she wear? Gray velvet. I died.

    2. Or Ilia Kulik wearing yellow and black cow print as he skated to Rhapsody in Blue. I think that antagonized pretty much everybody!

  5. Adore Obraztsova. She is stunning in Legend of Love.

  6. Would you get over your Nastia Liukin love already. There is no way in hell you actually believe she was a great dancer. If that was a favorite routine you need your head examined.

    1. This blog is becoming redundant. It's the same shit all the time.

      Nastia only got as many medals because the Soviet training system died. The same training system that produced Lilia (I know it ended in 92 but she learned her basics from them)