Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Russian Bars

Not the kind that serve vodka, but they're still very good.

Mustafina, with another missed Amanar by Paseka for good measure.

Why Pavlova continues to do bars with only a layout flyaway is beyond me.  It certainly isn't helping her AA total or chances to make any teams.

Pavlova's vault.

Komova's vault.

Sidorova's vault.

Mustafina's vault.

Nabieva vault/Inshina bars

Belokobylskaya's floor


  1. Maybe Pavlova just loves doing gymnastics. I read somewhere that it meant a lot to her to prove that you can still do gymnastics after serious injury. Even if she stinks at bars, maybe she just enjoys swinging them.

    Mustafina's bars are so lovely. I want Russia to win so badly, but I don't see how they can without Amanars unfortunately.

  2. My God, Komova can swing bars! Everything looks so effortless and airy. Which makes it a double shame about those giants...

    1. Every finesse swinger has something at the bottom of their giants. I'd rather see than gorgeous swing than bitch about what Mustafina, Khorkina, Komova, Liukin or Grishina do at the bottom of a giant swing.

  3. Just love watching Mustafina and Komova on bars, though I find Komova's routine a bit bland compared to Musty's.