Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Video Round Up

Chusovitina in Dusseldorf

Maria Paseka's Amanar...a total FML moment.

Gymnastike catches up with Elizabeth Price

Komova's log from AA finals.

China names Olympic Team Squads

Eliszabeth Seitz on bars.

Kim Bui on bars.

Lisa Katharina Hill.

Nabieva's gross vaults in event finals.  Judges need a special guidebook for judging Nabieva and Raisman.

Lovely Anna Pavlova.


  1. Ugh, I let myself get excited about Paseka's Amanar... and it looks like that...

  2. Has chusso ever even atemptted to make her bail go all the way to handstand??
    What was aceptable in the 90's is a huge deduction now.

  3. Paseka's vault doesn't hurt my eyes, it hurts my soul ....

  4. The difference between Aly & Nabs, is Aly has a really nice DTY. Aly scored plus 15 at Worlds on her DTY. Nabs DTY looks like S*IT!