Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Junior Women's Podium Training

Katelyn Ohashi and Friends!

Quick Hits

Who do you predict for the top five?  Is Ohashi injured or just growing and getting sloppy and losing her skills?  She supposedly has had an ankle injury, but it isn't taped here.

Laurie Hernandez

Maggie Nichols

Bailie Key

Amelia Hundley

Lexie Priessman

Maddi Desch

Jessica Wang

Simone Biles


  1. would not be surprised if ohashi is just growing, she doesn't have decent height on any of her tumbling skills, she'll struggle once she gets taller

  2. Ohashi looks as if she may end up with a similar body type to Corrie Lothrop; longer torso, shorter legs. While still very fit and talented, that type is not the most flattering no matter how good/sharp/flexible/talented you are.

    1. That is rude. Valeri will drop her if she ever gets Corrie's thighs.

  3. 1. Priessman (unfortunately)
    2. Ohashi
    3. Key
    4. Hundley
    5. Desch

  4. Ohashi looks to be growing and also exhausted. She just looks so tired out there.