Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Vera Wang on Ice

Vera designing one of the dresses Nancy Kerrigan wore at the 1994 Olympic Games.

Vera skating with her daughters circa 2007.  She still had some moves!


  1. I can't stand Nancy's skating, sorry but she's so overrated.

    Vera OTOH, wow! She was 57 in t hat vid because it was filmed in '07, she's 61 now. Not that many 57 yr. olds are that energetic and active, so good for her. Came across very intelligent and funny too. Vera designs to make women look good, unlike some male designers like Galliano or McQueen whose designs veers towards misogynist disguised as avant garde at times not wearable at all.

  2. Vera's designed many brilliant skating costumes for women but her costumes for Evan were terrible.

    Wonder if the trick is for her not to be too emotionally attached to the people she's designing for?

  3. Yikes-the age-ism! I don't know many 57 year olds who are ready to be put out to pasture! Some even ice skate!

  4. Vera's ability on the ice is impressive for someone 57. Skills deteriorate.