Sunday, April 17, 2011

This and That

Amelia Racea and Daniel Purvis won the Glasgow World Cup.  The men's field was pretty strong.  Jonathan Horton had a poor meet and finished seventh after falls on floor exercise and high bar, struggles on parallel bars and his usual shitty pommel horse routine.  Daniel Keatings finished fourth as a Wild Card entry.  Philipp Boy was second while coming down from his big win at the European Championships.  Jessica Lopez was second for the ladies and Raluca Haidu was third.

Aliya Mustafina is eager to return to Mother Russia after a successful surgery.  She had the same surgeon as Chusovitina.

David Boudia won bronze on the 10-meter platform at the FINA Diving World Series in Great Britain.  Troy Dumais won bronze in the 3-meter and 3-meter synchro events.

Stanford's men's gymnastics team won NCAAs.  Unlike the women, they are capable of being competitive, fit and not being accepting of mediocrity.

Note that Ksenia Makarova would now like to be called Princess.  Don't you need to land jumps to be a huge diva?

Samantha Cesario continues to become a clone of Sasha Cohen.  Here she is doing a low rent version of Sasha Cohen's 'Don't Rain On My Parade."  No, Sam didn't go for the Linda Eder version.  She went with Lea Michelle and Glee...sigh

Daniel Ribeiro won Pommel Horse at NCAAs.  If only he had another event or two.


  1. Why cant horton hit internationally? ugh! He frustrates me so

  2. Ribiero has awesome longways travels. He is square! not the 45 degrees that almost all others have. the Russians are a little flawed...and actually I just think those are an inherently bad looking skill. Think how AWESOME a Thomas flair looks and how those "planche circles" always look like the gymnast is about to die (even when no form breaks).

  3. Congrats to Racea on winning the Glasgow World Cup. It's nice to see her going old school wearing those crisscross slippers. I loved those when I was a kid.

  4. Racea's floor routine makes Gina Gogean look inspired.