Thursday, April 14, 2011

More From NCAAs: Alabama and UCLA

Alabama is looking ready to challenge for the title in their training videos.  Note that this is not the thinnest team you've ever seen, but they are seemingly fit.  Their big strong legs certainly know how to stick.  In my previous post, I mentioned how the first three girls in their beam lineup (Marissa, Milliner and Kayla Hoffman) all have the potential to splat.  Both Diandra Milliner and Kayla Hoffman came off the beam during their first touch on the apparatus.  Kayla looks like a potential AA winner if she stays off for all four events.

UCLA is looking strong.  They do not look to be as confident and sure-to-win as last year, but they look like a definite contender.  It could go their way if they hit.


Note Olivia Courtney's leaps.  Each one should incur a deduction.  Whether or not it happens may depend on how much each judge likes Val.

Niki Tom doesn't have exact precision, but she does look like someone who will stay on.  What's fun about Niki is that she sort of does a side aerial, sort of does a side somi.  No one is quite sure, but we tend to overlook it.

Will Tauny stay in the beam lineup?

Or will McCullough's flexed feet keep her on the beam?

Does Sam Peszek have the shortest beam routine ever?

Can Elyse win beam?


UCLA Floor

Val says McCullough feels much more comfortable now that she has watered down and taken out everything cool.

Alabama Beam

Alabama Floor

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  1. Tom's side Ariel that doesn't rotate properly has been annoying me for a while. I won't miss it when she retires.

    UCLA looks to be improving on bars, they are giving away less on their landings and handstands

    I hope Olivia's hamstring gets better after her season is over, that is probably the reason why she can't do proper extended leaps.

    Interesting to see Bama practicing their one touch, I suppose that's a thing you should reherse.