Thursday, April 21, 2011

This and That

Lexie Preissman on her first international competition.

Vanessa Atler is blogging again and it is time once again for us all to become utterly addicted to her.  Forget about the coaching entries, it is ALL about the Q+A.

There were rumors last spring that Scott Hamilton was planning Pro Skating Events.  Well, it turns out that the ISU has accepted his proposal for three Pro-Am events as long as he meets their requirements.

Skaters will now have an opportunity to compete in three Grand Prix events (with one being non-scoring in terms of qualifying for the GP) as a way to earn money and boost TV ratings given all of the withdrawals this season.

Quotes from Alissa Czisny's Pre-Worlds Press Conference.

Ryan Bradley says he is stronger than ever.

Kevin Reynolds will not be attempted two quads at Worlds due to injury.  This could help Team USA, as Reynolds (like Ryan Bradley) definitely needs as many quads as possible to earn a respectable placement.  His skating skills and Triple Axel just aren't cutting it.

Joannie Rochette will not compete next year, but still hopes to go for 2014.  After seeing her in Stars On Ice, she has certainly kept up with her technique and conditioning.

Full list of JO Nationals Qualifiers.  Interesting group.  Wisconsin's region must be weak if Mini Memmel made it again.  Geddert's qualified 14 gymnasts, including Kami Moore, who made it despite not even doing round offs in her routines earlier this year.

Yuzuru Hanyu Feature

Pia Toscano will sing on DWTS as part of her relationship-for-publicity.  Mark Ballas will dance while she sings.  They're oddly public for a few dates...  (Teri Hatcher+ Ryan Seacrest...anyone?)

Chris Cameron's Post-College Plans

His take on Worlds


  1. omg, the Vanessa Atler website is already addicting.

  2. Randi Lau is competing, and competing in college?!? What! Where has she been? I thought for sure her crazy stage parent would burn her out and she'd never return, so it's awesome to see she'll compete through college?

  3. What are the requirements for a Pro-Am event?

    Who will be allowed to skate in it? Only retired skaters? Only North-American skaters?

    Will it become mostly an IMG-skaters event? If non-IMG-skaters are invited to Pro-Am will it be because they get the approval of Scott (and his agent IMG)?

  4. The Atler site is amazing. Some of the questions they're asking her are a bit over the top. I've seen what happened to her with the Comanaceci happen with other gymnasts. If Rybacki took it out, she would have developed a different block. Her mother was a psycho gym parent who tried to wade into unfamiliar waters with her layperson knowledge of gymnastics. In fairness, she was trying to help, but in Vanessa's situation, it was a disasterous mistake. It's a cautionary tale for all gymnastics parents.