Friday, April 8, 2011

Learning The Code

I have received numerous requests concerning posts about learning the code of points.  Personally, I consider myself to have working knowledge of the code of points.  I am not an expert and I hate change, so I often wait a bit before delving in to learn the changes from one code to the next.  At this point in the quad, it seems like a good time to break down where the trends are going and how the top girls receive their D-scores (difficulty scores.)

Beam is one of the easier events to learn, so I have posted a number of beam routines of top competitors.  (Bitches to know.)  The videos do a great job of breaking down the skill values, the connection values and the requirements: how they achieve the D-score.

Fun fact: the Russian Translation for balance beam is 'log.'

The values for skills are: A (.1), B (.2), C (.3), D (.4), E (.5), F (.6), G (.7)

The judges add up the five most difficult acrobatic elements and the three most difficult dance/leap elements included in each routine.

Composition Requirements:
Dance Combination (Most do an A+A leap combo)  (.5)
Full Turn  (.5)
Saltos in Different Directions (.5)
Acro Series (.5)
D Dismount (.5)

Video breakdowns after the jump.

Bitches to Know

Lauren Mitchell

Katelyn Ohashi

Anna Dementyeva

Rebecca Bross

Alicia Sacramone

Viktoria Komova

Ana Porgras

Aliya Mustafina

Deng Linlin


  1. Another YouTube user was doing these a couple of years ago. She was doing '08 routines, so it was the '08 Code, but they're well worth watching. Search for Mostepanovafan guide.

  2. So I'm getting everything down with beam, the only thing that I'm still trying to understand in the CV (Connection Value) Is there a 0.1 connection given for every element connection, or does the CV increase depending on the difficulty of the connection? Is there a limit on CV an athlete can receive?

  3. CV is unlimited. CV increases based on the difficulty of the skills.