Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More Eurovids

Aliya Mustafina

Tatiana Nabieva

Ariella Kaeslin

Vanessa Ferrari

Beth Tweddle

Hannah Whelan

Diana Chelaru

Elisabetta Preziosa

Ana Porgras

Sandra Izabasa

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  1. Mustafina is in IMPECCABLE shape. If her body looks this good now, it's only going to be better by 2012. Wow.

    Nabieva appears to be making less mistakes these days. Hope she can keep that up.

    Tweddle is a machine.

    The person who arranged Ferrari's music should be shot.

  2. Izbasa looks really fit as well!

  3. Ferrari should not have been allowed to continue with that horrendous music cut. It's worse than fingernails scraping through a chalkboard.

  4. Great save by Tweddle on bars but I just can't stand her on FX. Blech.

    Porgras-such a shame, I hope she's back up to par by the Olympics. Mustafina-she's the IT girl right now, and that ain't no sh!t! I hope both she, and Ana are paced very carefully leading up to the Games.