Thursday, April 28, 2011

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Great feature on Yu-Na Kim's return to competition.

Ladies Competition Draw/Time Schedule

Alissa Czisny article.

The roster for the Moscow World Stars has been released.  Vikoria Komova is not on it, which was originally supposed to be the meet her coaches were aiming to have her back for.  It is better that they don't rush her back into competition.

Those competing include:
Anna Dementyeva: UB (Ex.), BB, FX
Ana Porgras: UB, BB
Diana Chelaru
Elizabeth Seitz
Lauren Mitchell: UB (Recovering from an ankle injury)
Oksana Chusovitina (Coaching for Uzbekistan and competing for Germany)
Sandra Izabasa
Tatiana Nabieva
Yekaterina Kurbatova

Cheng Fei is on the roster for Chinese Nationals.  The coaches may decide to have her skip to avoid another knee injury and have her just compete at the University Games in August.

The World Gymnastics Federation/IGC is introducing a professional competition on August 27,2011 on the campus of Lehigh University.  Scheduled to compete are: Hollie Vise, Chellsie Memmel, Jana Bieger, Susan Jackson, Jonathan Horton, Ivan Ivankov, Justin Spring, Brandon Wynn, Andrew Elkind, Sean Townsend, Wes Haagensen, Chris Brooks, Sean Townsend and Steve Legendre.  It is supposed to be some sort of skill-for-skill battle.  The details are sketchy and I'm sure it will be 'interesting.'  This is being filed in the 'I'm considering going to witness this' folder.

Sang Lan filed a $1.8 Billion lawsuit against USA Gymnastics and Time Warner.

Meet Michigan's Two NCAA Champions

Interviews From Worlds:


  1. Sang Lan better have some good lawyers... And the amount is $1.8 Billion, with a B! I had to read it twice to make sure I saw it right.

    When you start from that high, I'm sure she'll be happy with any kind of settlement she can get if they can prove their case.

  2. I asked my roommate who is a newly minted lawyer, she says the Sang Lan case has settlement written all over it.

  3. Dai cracks me up...he's such a girly boy with those manicured brows and guyliner....very cute. Give him props for being so sweet and nice despite bad finish to season.

  4. Here are Yuna costume photos:

  5. 1.8 billion with a B? that's an insane amount of money. lawsuits aren't suposed to make you a profit, they're suposed to make you whole. there is no way that she was ever going to earn that much in her life time, and no way that her medical bills are that expensive. i'm not saying she deserves nothing, but no more than 50 million with and M, and that's sitll a damn lot of money.

  6. How the fuck would you know, Anonymous? Have you checked how much her medical bills have cost to date, will cost in the future, how much care she will need to have a normal life and how much this will cost? I'll answer that for you- no. This means you are not qualified to judge whether the amount she is asking for is insane or not.

  7. it is too bad for san lang that she is behaving this way. First of all what are her health care costs? REally nothing. I used to feel sorry for the girl but what a pain in the ass. It was an accident plus the statue of limitations has gone. Typical, wants her name in the papers again. This is the typical thing we see these days with these greedy asians. Her life expectancy is not long enough to justify that much money.

  8. Damn, if I were crippled from the neck down, I'd be mad as hell. Come on, she's CRIPPLED from gymnastics.

  9. Sang's lawsuit contends her condition has suffered because she has been unable to receive proper treatment.

    I love this! Typical Asian response. She was given free medical treatment in the USA, but the bitch wanted to go back to China where they were not equipt to take care of quads. She says she did not proper medical care. What is she saying? In the united states we do not provide alternative health care? She had a team doctor there from China but yet he is not being sued. They have their communist health care system over there where everything is paid for. Get used to being unable to get the health care you need with the obama socialized health care system.

    Why doesnt the greedy cunt and her lawyers sue China?

    This is pathetic. At this point, San Lang after 13 years if San Lang has not been able to get past this catastrophic injury {which amazingly many can} then we can only pray that she dies to get out of her misery.

  10. Didn't the Chinese gymnastics federation have insurance? Probably not, they really have no rights. She was really lucky that this happened in the USA in front of everyone instead of being in china in a practice gym. Otherwise her life would have been spent begging for money in a tourist area, or she likely would have been turned into fish food ;)

    Very sad case, at the time I watched that I knew there would be a settlement.

  11. I hope that Alissa and Rachel can get the US back to having three skaters at worlds.

  12. What I don't understand is why sang lan waited thirteen years after her injury to sue.

  13. Maybe at this point whatever source of money was keeping her treatment up has run out? Perhaps in the internet age with increased media she feels like she has a better chance of winning? (we all know China isn't a fan of people who fight the gov't) The amount of money is insane, but I don't think for a second she actually expects to get that much.

  14. anon 1:10 your the one whow is ignorant. i dont think you understand how much a billion dollars is. could it cost tens of millions? sure. but a billion is a thousand million. here's a visual aid
    ten million
    one billion
    1.8 billion dollars spread out over lets say 80 years of life comes out to 22.5 million dollars a year. you could pay a whole team of private specialists to look after your every need and still not spend that much. take a f***ing math class.

  15. Anonymous, explain exactly why only 22.5 million dollars a year would suffice, and what information you used to draw this conclusion? In your answer, you should refer to the exact cost of everything Sang Lan has had up to now, what she will need in the future and how much all this will cost. Otherwise your answer will be pointless and ignorant.

    The fact is that you don't know. You haven't got a fucking clue. You didn't do any research at all on this, did you? You just thought that it sounded too much, so you posted before doing any research.

  16. anon 2:05, oh my god, you are a child arent you? you're a 13 year old girl who doesnt have the cognative capacity to understand big numbers. anything over a million is just a really big number to you. she could be asking for 1.8 Trillion and you'd still be arguing that she could maybe possibly need it.

    you dont have a clue. there was no need to do research, i have a basic understanding of cost of living. something that any adult has. and, i know there arent any billionare doctors out there because they dont make that much money. nobody spends a billion dollars in their life time. these things are common knowlege. that's all i need to know.