Friday, April 29, 2011

This and That

He Kexin's new double pirouette gives her a 7.6 D score if everything is connected.

Cheng Fei performed at today's test event to determine whether she was ready to compete at the upcoming Chinese National Championships.

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  1. Pretty DTY from Cheng. I love her gymnastics... she's one of the few really powerful gymnasts from China. Hope the comeback goes well!

  2. Always cracks me up to see the news doing a report on the national team's training. The only way U.S. news outlets would report on our team is if we won a gold medal at the Olympics, if someone were injured or already dead, whether from gym or something else, or if Marta went ballistic and shot up the gym. Sad.

  3. ^Very true.

    He Kexin looks so tall!

  4. Ugh, Mary Lee Tracy why must you be so LIKABLE in interviews. Like I feel inspired just listening to her. But so many of the girls end up injured almost immediately. Argh.