Friday, April 1, 2011

A Happening In Central Park

Your Jewish Mother implores you to love this. Barbra received many death threats for this concert, which took place right after the six-day Arab-Israeli War.  The death threats only added to Barbra's habitual stage fright.  As always, Barbra's greatest fear was in disappointing the audience (though everyone told her she had the most beautiful voice in the world.)  Having only just completed the filming of Funny Girl, Babs may not have been completely awful to the lighting director.  She was only just learning which was her best side.

This concert was free in Central Park and attended by 135,000 fans on a hot night in June.  It was filmed by CBS and a one hour condensed version aired as her fourth television special that September.  Our diva was only beginning to get her talons around the stardom she had always yearned for.

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