Monday, April 25, 2011

This and That

Russian Ladies Training Clips

Takahiko Kozuka won qualifying at Worlds with the fourth highest score of the season despite an underrotated Quad Toe.  (Really, when is it ever clean?)   Alexander Majorov was second and Michal Brezina was third despite a sloppy skate.

Worlds Training Clips  (Takahashi, Kozuka, Ando, Kim, Oda)

Yu-Na's short program run-through was basically her return to competition given all of the eyes on her.  Mission accomplished.

Ladies Qualifying Schedule

Ice Dance Qualifying Schedule

Skate Canada noted that Patrick Chan landed a Quad+Triple in his short run-through.  Does that mean he missed his triple axel?

Flatt is looking ahead and still not over congratulating herself for her AP Classes.

Voir with the press after a successful first practice.

Interview with Brian Joubert  (Injuries, New Boots and His Chances)

Interview with Tomas Verner


  1. Joubert's hot. Yeah I'm in love

  2. Are there gonna be Mao or Kanako's practice videos anytime soon?

  3. I miss the days when the russians were interesting.

  4. Aie aie aie, Brian est outrageusement beau...c incroyable.

    Jesus Christ, yeah, Brian Joubert is ridiculously hot. That face, that wavy hair, the cute French accent...and on a good day, such a charismatic and powerful skater at that. Swoon.