Saturday, April 2, 2011

NCAA Gymnastics Regionals Info - April 2nd


Catty Comments here to provide you links (below) & a running blog (separate post) for today's exciting (hopefully) regional action. 6 meets, 36 teams plus qualifying individuals are taking place today. The top 2 teams at each site go on to compete at NCAA National Championships (yay!) in Cleveland (yay?) April 15-17.

AJ is directing his energy towards fabulous posts about SOI tonight and placing bets on SashaSplatsTM. My money is on 3. Go big money! No whammies!

All of the meets start between 4pm (Athens, GA regional) and 8pm (Denver regional) Eastern. The drama last year happened when Georgia didn't qualify a team to nationals after winning nationals the last 5 years.

Centralized links for video, scoring, some
Official start times, video links, link to official meet pages. Simple & straightforward, and best way to track start times.

This page includes all the necessary links AND twitter commentary aggregates from the 6 regionals - this is a must-view for geeks like me following multiple regionals.

NCAA official

I anticipate the best regionals to watch will be Athens regional (with Georgia, UCLA & LSU) & Denver (Florida & Arkansas with 5 of the top 20 teams + the always watchable BYU). But then there's Ann Arbor regional with Michigan & Stanford, the Norman regional with Oklahoma & Utah AND Corvallis regional with the most fabulous Oregon State at home. Sweetness.

Oh, and there's the Tuscaloosa regional - with Alabama just tuning up for nationals, the fight will be for the #2 qualifier between #11 Penn State and #14 Illinois - both tough teams on the rise.

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