Friday, April 22, 2011

This and That

Kirstie Alleys and Maks flirted with Robin Roberts on GMA earlier today.

An interesting (and perhaps correct) take from a sports columnist on Why Jay Clark Must Go.

Oksana 'Pasha' Grishuk interview on Style On Ice. (She will always be Pasha.)

Plushenko spoke to the press about Worlds and got all riled up about his 'comeback.'

Rachael Flatt says she is focused on her artistry, but seems to indicate she is tired after the delay.  Note: the over-hyping of her short program is pathetic and sickening.  Oh Rachael, you don't look like complete shit this time...congrats!

Beth Tweddle comments on thinking on the spot at Europeans.

Elena Gedevanishvilli is now training with Nikolai Morozov.  Does Miki have reason to worry?

Mao Asada Fluff (translation welcome!)

Ilinykh and Katsalapov Fluff  (translation welcome!)


  1. once again Plushenko's tool status is affirmed.

  2. Miki should be worried since Morozov will be wanting to grope Elena's double Ds instead of hers

  3. Rumor says Miki ended the relationship with Morozov earlier this year. No idea whether it's true or not.

  4. I think the article was spot on in a lot of places, if the author couldn't tell a tkachev from a jaeger at least he got that NCAA gymnastics is largely a numbers game. Still it would be hard to guess who'd take over for Jay. Most of the top NCAA coaches, and even the top assistant coaches are pretty well entrenched in their programs. I could see KJ Kindler as possibility if she was willing.

  5. If Plushenko wants to skate he can win or lose and that is fine! LOL!

  6. Rachel Flat wants to skate -more- freely? She already flails her way through her short program.