Monday, April 11, 2011

This and That

Vault Finals at the European Championships

Henri Duchesnay, father of Isabelle and Paul, passed away.

US author discusses her new book on Yu-Na Kim.

Update on Aliya Mustafina.  They hope she will be back for next year's European Championships.

Midori Ito entered the ISU's Adult Competition in Obertsdorf.

Nikolai Kuksenkov considered competing for Mother Russia and had an offer to switch, but he would've had to give up any hope of competing in London at the 2012 Olympics.

What The Buck's Review of Stars on Ice

Alabama previewed NCAAs

Arkansas (Rene Cook and Jaime Pisani) preview NCAAs

Shannon Miller isn't letting chemo slow down her business desires.


  1. Buck is the worst person in the world and I hate him and his act so bad

  2. Nah, Whatthebuck is awesome man. He's funny, so spontaneous, and good natured. And so few people blog on figure skating.

  3. Sorry Buck but you were "bought" by IMG by accepting these tickets. The tour might be over for the season, but it'll be back next year. IMG and "Stars on Ice" need all the cheap promo they can get to sell their tickets. By getting you to post a vid on your popular YT channel (and they knew you would post one), they reach a huge number of people and get free promo for the next tour.

  4. The Mustafina article is still a bit vague about the injury. If the ACL was completely ruptured, the rehab will be much more difficult. I really want to see her back in action, but it's going to be a long and difficult road. I think she has the conviction to stick it out.

  5. I like Shannon Miller in general, and I'm glad she's feeling well enough to continue working, but....something just seems creepy about her. She seems a little TOO polished and perfect most of the time...almost robotic? Just kind of fake, IMHO.