Friday, April 8, 2011

This and That

IG is reporting that Aliya Mustafina tore her meniscus and will require surgery.

UPDATE: IG Online is now retracting its statement that Mustafina tore her meniscus and is saying that a complete diagnosis will be available Saturday.

Emmanuel Savary's Michael Jackson Short Program at the Gardena Spring Trophy

Adam Rippon discusses his coaching change and training the Quad Lutz.

Phil Hersh provides the most details on the split between Brian Orser and Adam Rippon.

Belgosto will be appearing in the first half of Canadian Stars on Ice and will be replaced by Voir during the second half of the tour.

Feature on Nam Nguyen

Video feature on Gregory and Petukhov's Eduskate.

The Manley Woman Skatecast's Interview with David Jenkins

Irina Slutskaya says that the Russian Pairs will challenge for medals at this month's World Championships (w/video.)

Anna Li relives winning NCAAs

Shannon Miller pimps out her son.

Shannon Miller's Chemo Workout


  1. I respect Shannon as a gymnast, but man... as a person, she gets creepier every day.

  2. Orser isn't mature. he can't control his temper. that's sad specially for a coach.