Thursday, April 14, 2011

Getting Started at NCAAs

The NCAA Training Day is underway and it looks like the battle for the title will be between four teams: Alabama, Florida, UCLA and Oklahoma.  Of the teams, Florida likely has the most scoring potential, but they have been struggling lately, potentially peaked too soon and continue to have some sloppy routines at the beginning of each lineup (Nicole Ellis' Jaegar on bars has never improved.)

UCLA is peaking at the right time and will need to lean on the name of Sam Peszek to get scores, as she is likely a 9.8 without a name, a 9.9 as a known Olympian.

Alabama is the most consistent team present, but they continue to have a beam lineup that is half-stars, half-nail biters.  Kayla Hoffman can be a 9.9 or she'll give several tenths away and/or fall.  She is not one to have a routine with small wobbles.  It is all or nothing.

Oklahoma is a team that has been coached to consistency.  There are no true 'stars' on the team, but KJ has coached the shit out of them and improved their weaknesses.  Unlike some top schools where girls don't seem to improve, there looks to be an extreme attention to detail in Oklahoma.  Their choreography is love it or hate it, but they are impossible to ignore.

Gymnastike is on hand providing training videos (after the jump!)

Kat Ding's underrotated rudi could be the very reason why she isn't in the floor lineup...

The Unpredictable Ms. Worley  (Note the excitement on McComb's face after she lands a mere 2 1/2 twist...)

Slow-Twitch Tanella

Calamity Gina With The Killer Bod

Arkansas on Beam

Oklahoma on Beam

Georgia on Beam (including Ding and Breazeal, not a sight you see everyday.)

Michigan on Bars

Oklahoma on Bars


  1. My money is on Alabama. Has been all season.

  2. Worley is looking fit and fierce. Even though they are not my favorite team I would love to see her nail her events just to shut up all the haters for day or two.

  3. LOLOLOLOL at Russell Warfield during the UGA beam video after Hilary does her punch front!!! I love him...they were smart to bring him on as a volunteer coach. UGA needs some diva fabulousness on the coaching staff ever since Suzanne left.

  4. Kati Brazeal is seriously...bad. ANd she looks like she knows it. She is the only one besides freshie walk-on Bennets not to compete! WTF. What a sad waste.

  5. FLORIDA for the win!!!!!