Saturday, April 2, 2011

NCAA Gymnastics Regionals - live blog until the bittah end

Catty Comments here with my left coast game face on, ready to rock & roll. This afternoon is 6 meets, 36 teams, 3 timezones, 6 live feeds, and decades of training wrapped up into... this one meet.

Best centralized live page today is Gymnastike's amazing links & twitter feed page. See the previous post for other links.

Reminder: the top 2 teams in each regional qualify as a team to nationals. Scores across regionals DO NOT matter - 3 teams at one site can go 197+ and one of them will not qualify, whereas another regional can be a splatfest and some team with a 195.05 or 194.75 will qualify. This is where seasonal RQS matters, and Florida & Alabama's lofty qualifying scores have set them up for an easier day today than other teams.

The action starts after the jump when this Athens, GA meet video feed gets started!

All times Pacific Left Coast from the Yay! Area
1:32pm - the Georgia video commentator (male) is really good - he actually knows the gymnasts and skills. Nice! Shayla Worley on beam gets a 9.725 gift - great, solid routine with only a step on the sheep jump until a really short, huge step to the side on the ro-double full dismount. I'm probably over-reacting on the dismount, but I would've scored that routine ~9.65, and from the commentary it sounds like some of the judges agreed with me.

1:35pm - Georgia goes 5 for 6 on beam after Cheek's fall. You really miss Suzanne's OCD touch after watching Worley mess up & McComb's step on the same ro-double full beam dismounts. The ro-double full dismounts exist to be stuck 99% of the time in competition, not to be areas of deduction for the anchor routines on a national powerhouse team.

1:40pm - What we see of Olivia Courtney, EHH & McCullough on floor for UCLA looks solid. They really rallied after Tom's 9.6 to go 2 9.85s (Sawa & Frattone), then finish with 9.875 Courtney, 9.9 EHH, and cap with a 9.925 for defending fx national champ McCullough. UCLA rocks floor with a 49.4, but the story today for UCLA will be beam.

1:48pm - Georgia did really well for themselves to go 48.8 to open the competition on beam. It's always an incredible relief for a team in the post-season to not count a fall and look forward to the rest of the meet. Sure they only had one score over 9.775 (senior Mauro's 9.825), but hopefully Tanella & Worley can get their game faces & 9.9s on in Cleveland.

1:50pm - rotation 2 - NC State beam, UCLA vault, Georgia bye. Oullette for NC State has a nice, solid routine with pretty lines. The only ew in the routine is her Chelle Stack double-stag technique on the layout stepout.

1:52pm - Peszek fty has huge dynamics and a huge, controlled hop on the landing. Should go 9.8. It went 9.875.

1:53pm - It's weird to see leadoff NC State gymnasts stick their beam dismounts, after watching Georgia beam anchors biff theirs. Just sayin'.

1:54pm - EHH 9.8 fty with a step. McCullough fty nice stick initially but a hop to salute to disguise a low chest & off-balance on the landing. It still goes 9.9.

1:56pm - Frattone rocks her piked Omelianchik with a stick. 9.925. Courtney blasts a fty but also steps. Gah.

1:58pm - The vault judges for this regional are rewarding form & dynamics over a stick. I'll be interested to see how Georgia & LSU are judged with this panel.

2pm - Powerful fx from LSU's Morrison who is 5'9"(!!!). Easy routine until her dismount pass of fhs, front full, front pike is landed stiff-legged and she takes several quick steps backwards to right herself.

2:03pm - Another powerful LSU fx from Engle, marred by another stumbled dismount pass of fhs, front layout, front layout. Kittens, it's called conditioning & consecutive dance-throughs. Your college education is being paid for by landing these cupcake dismount passes with ease.

2:08pm - Mathis' anchor fx for LSU is massive - double layout, front pike through to easy double tuck, and then ever the team player, lands the dismount double pike short. 9.75.

2:20pm - and the Norman regional has started! Worley rocks her leadoff fx for Georgia, will probably go 9.85. OMG I'M PSYCHIC.

2:23pm - Lothrop on beam for Utah - solid routine, very good for her. Box is solid on fx for 9.8, and someone with a gorgeous tan for Oklahoma on fx with a solid routine.

2:26pm - Couch 3rd on fx for Georgia - huge pike full-in, almost oob. McAllister fell on her beam flight series for Utah. Couch 2nd pass front tuck through to double tuck - great height & power.

2:28 - Nuccio looks oob on her opening double arabian pass - didn't see a flag. Sooners appear to really be hitting floor - these routines are pleasing and the tumbling really solid.

2:32 - McComb on fx - her final fx in Stegman - lovely opening double pike, solid back 2.5 punch front. The hip swivels are in full force, evident even from the Goodyear blimp camera angle on fx. Huge double tuck, girlfriend came through. I guestimate 9.925 from the over-scoring fx judges in Stegman tonight, they score her 9.9.

2:35 - Mackie on beam for Utah - solid leaps, solid bhs layout stepout, looks really determined. Novak on Oklahoma for fx opening with a huge double pike, Mauro simultaneously rocks her mount of running double front for Georgia.

2:37 - Mauro puts an exclamation point on the routine with a huge fx dismount of roundoff immediate giant double pike. Damn girl. 9.85, and surprised it isn't higher considering the scoring of other fx routines tonight.

2:39 - Just to confuse everyone, Brittany Johnson is the Texas Women's Univ. gymnast rotating AA with Oklahoma, and is wearing an identical leotard, hair, and deep tan. It's like Hollie Vise lost her back flexibility and is making a comeback by attending TWU.

Note: if there is a pause in my live blogging, it's because I've slit my wrists listening to the @#$%ing constant pop music soundtrack from the Norman regional that's under the commentary. Fortunately, Oklahoma hasn't discovered that insipid track "Friday" yet - thank goodness for being slightly behind.

2:48 - Coppia the commentator just earned his pay commentating McCullough's bars while the cameras were stupidly broadcasting Georgia's huddle at the end of the vault runway.

2:50 - Hires lovely fty, Couch awesome stick on her fty. Moray for OK stuck Hristakieva. Mizzou's X marks the shiny pewter, black and blinding yellow leos are a fail. Cheek rocks & sticks her fty for Georgia - they should outscore UCLA's ftys.

2:52 - Stone big hop forward on her fty for OK, Bruce goes 9.9. Foybes for UNH off on her beam acro series. Ding absolutely nails her fty for Georgia.

2:57 - Peszek just slung & fell on her bars double layout dismount, but UCLA goes 49.425 on bars. They're at 148.225 with just their nemesis the beam remaining.

3:17pm - Welcome to triple-cast insanity - UCLA on beam, Michigan on beam, Utah floor, Mizzou beam, Stanford on floor. I like Michigan's black leos with thin, athletic gold & blue stripe.

3:18pm - Gerber nailed beam, EHH is now hitting it like a pro for UCLA, yet a teeny hop on her roundoff double full beam dismount. Ikoma on floor for Stanford - so far so good with a nice opening double pike.

3:26pm - So far I don't approve of the Ann Arbor regional video producer - fx dance is left before a tumbling pass for every single Washington vaulter. Grrrr. And precious litte of Michigan on beam. I think Utah would look better with a cleaner leotard design with zero flame shapes. Peszeks hair is in a bun with a complicated braid running around her hairline.

3:30pm - McAllister on fx for Utah finishes solid. Peszek rocked after her bars fall with a confident 9.85 beam to lead Courtney to a solid anchor beam routine with 1 step on the double back dismount.

3:33pm - Courtney's beam goes 9.825 for a final UCLA beam score of 49.2 and Regionals score of 197.225. Other teams today will have a difficult time topping that score - probably only Florida & Alabama have a chance. Even though they have room for improvement, UCLA had a confident, steady day.

3:41pm - Dear NCAA gymnastics programs - if you're not using Gymnastics ScoreKeeper for your live scores, you're stupid and your score pages look hiddy. I'm looking at you Oklahoma.

3:44pm - Tanella leads off Georgia bars - oh look, her feet still aren't together on the bail! And she takes a small step on the full pirouette, double tuck dismount! I'm putting on my shocked face! I should count GymDog blessings - at least she's not sitting in the stands like Allison Taylor did for UCLA.

3:48pm - Couch for Georgia nailed her bars routine and absolutely stuck the double front dismount. She's in insane physical condition and really hits in meets. If we locked her in a room with Armine Fong for a summer she would turn into Courtney Kupets.

3:50pm - I disapprove of the entire Utah vault rotation this season - ftys that are piked and dumped out instead of powered up, with legs not extended. Damianova is a saving grace in that program. Nuccio for Georgia gets a well deserved 9.925 on bars - gorgeous routine, stuck the landing. Georgia is really going up & up after the beam start tonight.

3:55pm - And then Worley messes up the Georgia momentum with a fall. Oklahoma has had 3 9.90s on bars - wow. My favorite programs are currently UCLA, Florida and that powerful, clean & sassy Oklahoma team. Ding redeems Worley's fall by nailing a perfect routine as the announcer suddenly has an orgasm as they clinch a spot in nationals. Jay Clark gathers his team in to congratulate them on a good meet and for saving his job.

4:37pm - After a brief break, I'm back and I've chosen to start watching the Corvallis regional. Mak for OSU had a nice fx to music from Chicago that felt dated. Right now the story is that after 3 of 4 events in Norman, Oklahoma is done with a fantastic 197.350, right behind UCLA's qualifying score. The battle is for 2nd - after 3 of 4 events, Washington is .25 ahead of Utah. However Utah is finishing on bars, and the Huskies still have beam. Neither team has counted a fall so far.

4:41pm - In the leadoff beam routine, Washington has fallen so now they really need their final 5 gymnasts to hit. Vaccher is up now. Jaq Johnson nailed a leadoff bars for Utah with a 9.9 and Lothrop hit her routine.

4:47pm - Washington has now had a second beam fall, and Utah bars has halted after the 2 hit routines - one of the cable tighteners has apparently broken. I assume someone is sprinting to the practice gym to get a spare part. Good times! Unfortunately now we have to watch hiddy Mizzou leos again.

4:52pm - After a 5min delay, bars is back and despite a large step forward on her double front dismount, Damianova hits for Utah for 9.825. Washington is really showing their inexperience - after 5 of 6 routines, Vaccher scored 9.775, and the other 4 haven't broken 9.60.

4:55pm - Challenging for the Mizzou hiddy leo award today is ASU - their qualified individuals are in black encrusted with multi-color sequins and then a giant boobie pitchfork. (Sun Devils - pitchfork - get it? They're like the Kevin van der Perren of NCAA Gymnastics.) It's not the infamous lawnmower or Lestat leo, but it's up there.

4:58pm - give it to Utah - going into bars down .25 to future Pac-12 colleagues Washington (!!!), they really hit, including the solid Gael Mackie. The 1st 5 Utah gymnasts go 49.25 on bars, Washington finishes beam with 47.850. Remember this for Super Six kittens - a team does not have anything in the bag until they're through beam.

5:09pm - During the 1-touch, the Tuscaloosa regionals is having it's crowd do the fucking chicken dance. Some of the crowd make chickens look very attractive. On the other hand, painted shirtless men! Add some glitter and they'd fit right in on Castro Street tonight, so that makes me happy.

5:15pm - My media setup is now video of Ann Arbor regional, video of Tuscaloosa regional, off-synch radio coverage of Tuscaloosa regional b/c they can't be bothered to commentate the audio, and the just-starting Denver regional. The Corvallis regional video died during rotation 1 and has not recovered for anyone. I want Funyuns and a footrub.

5:19pm - Because of Ashley Morgan's beam issues, Stanford waited until it's laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast beam routine to pass Iowa State. Dear Cardinal - it's the post-season. Wake up - you've messed up Pac-10s and today. You're very, very lucky to be in the post season with only a 195.225. Stanford's lack of 9.9 routines are now catching up with them - they only had 1 today, and Michigan in the same regional has had 4 after only 3 rotations. It will take an amazing qualifier for Stanford to make Super Six 2 weeks from today.

5:25pm - Denver regional is on! Florida is in solid, shiny dolphin blue. Denver in dark maroon & black leos. There is one team in not pink, but FUCKING PINK! leos with black sleeves & shoulders. It's like they said Fuck it, every meet is pink meet!

5:29pm - the FUCKING PINK! team is BYU. Whoopsie, sorry BYU but I have to call you by your name today of FUCKING PINK!

5:32pm - Of all of the teams competing around the nation today, the one I least expected to be dressed full-on masked Mexican wrestler die-hard NCAA fan is Central Michigan. Brava, Central Michigan.

5:36pm - ITA with the Denver regional comments below - the producer is apparently on meth & Gator fx techno, and is hella editing the live feed. One gymnast leaps into the air, and another gymnast on another event lands. Is Lindsay Lohan doing video production in Denver? Whoever is editing is most definitely a mile high.

PS - whatever regional is playing Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA" in my ear? You can go to the same hell the ASU demon pitchfork leos came from.

5:45pm - Sarah DeMeo's bars for Bama were gorgeous, with only a tiny hop on the double layout dismount. I adore the GAGE survivors in NCAA - they just look so amazing. And whoa - someone just did a 1-arm front handspring on beam in Tuscaloosa. I'll find out who it was. And someone is playing techno Hot Stuff on floor - yay! I think it's the Denver regional.

5:50pm - Hoffman nails Bama bars - really great rotation for Bama. Looks like it was Morris for Kentucky with the beam 1-arm front handspring. Looks like Harrison (?) just fell doing a standing front tuck.

5:51pm - OMFG, just noticed Minnesota tied Stanford in Ann Arbor. Will stay on top of who qualifies to Cleveland.

5:59pm - The online scores are frozen, but Kent State may have qualified over both of them. I'll keep everyone updated, and if anyone has an alternate source, comment below!

6:02pm - Stanford is definitely out - they lose the tiebreak with Minnesota based on counting all 6 scores on every event. Kent State may pass both with a final 9.75 on fx.

6:10pm - Congratulations to the SIXTH seed Kent State Golden Flashes (I know, right?!) for qualifying to Cleveland. Speechless, but that's why they hold the meets. Wow.

6:12pm - If your computer speakers just died, it's because the arena just announced Kent State finished second.

6:20pm - Texting & chatting with everyone - no one can believe it. And for the person who asked for the Tuscaloosa regionals scores, the live scoring is at:

6:31pm - Still recovering from the shocking Ann Arbor regional. Still enjoying the Mexican wrestler Central Michigan fan in the stands in Tuscaloosa. What's making me happy right now? FUCKING PINK! power courtesy of BYU.

6:38pm - Now this Tuscaloosa regional is going down to the wire. Bama is as good as gold, finished with a well-deserved 197.275. It's those other pesky 5 teams that are all battling for 2nd place.

6:59pm - Illinois beats Penn State 195.925 to 195.850 for a ticket to Cleveland. Auburn even went 195.6 but had a bye in the final event, so they had to sit & wait as Illinois & Penn State barely passed them.

Now only the Denver regional is left, where the feisty Boise State Broncos are really pushing Arkansas for the #2 position. However Arkansas only has bars left, and Boise has both bars and the dreaded beam.

Looks like the winning teams in the other 5 regions scored 197.075 - 197.425 today. This is going to be a massively close Super Six.

7:10pm - The mysterious Corvallis regional has ended, and Oregon State & Nebraska easily qualified. Full scores are here:

7:15pm - I think it's a testament to watching 3 feeds simultaneously for several hours that I am now enjoying this cracktastic Denver coverage. No commentators, just jumpy event switches with either a direct fx music feed or a current techno pop soundtrack. It's very South Beach or West Hollywood.

Ooooo - Dickerson wasn't feeling the feed music and landed really, really low on her double tuck dismount. They already had a leadoff 9.225 beam score by Mahlich that they want to throw out.

7:18pm - The minimalist University of Arizona leotards - solid black with a giant, shiny official academic "A" on the back - are fun & brand well. They're slimming, to the point, and give all of the team a nice booty as Macko hits a lovely beam for Florida after Dickerson's fall. Could NCAA make her a solid beamer for London 2012?!

7:20pm - Turns out Dickerson's beam was just sucktastic for an 8.475, so Mahlich's 9.225 has to count. Until the last score has flashed, Florida has scored a dismal 47.125 for the 1st 5 routines.

7:23pm - King's 9.775 beam anchor score has been posted, rocketing Florida's beam score to a more respectable (but sucktastic for them) 48.425. Florida's final score is now a 196.425. They had better hope either Boise State or Arkansas has a bad final rotation.

7:24pm - The cracky music people have now messed up the individual competitors fx music. After a couple of false starts, they started playing the arena music so she just walked off and is waiting for them to get their shit together.

7:30pm - We start the final rotation with this - if both Arkansas & Boise State score 49.050 on bars & beam respectively, Florida is OUT. I am now on the record that I think Arkansas can definitely do it, and it is not as likely but definitely possible with Boise State. Stunning day if it were to happen, but what a shame it would be for a brilliant Florida team.

7:35pm - FUCKING PINK! is on floor - yay! This is one exciting final rotation, and the leadoff Boise State gymnast is rocking her beam acro if not a full split.

7:39pm - FUCKING PINK! is now rocking a hot Lady Gaga techno mix on floor. We have now seen everything today with BYU - you are my freaktastic team of the day. LOVE.

7:45pm - I looked up the final national rankings from this year, and the Broncos finished 15th nationally on beam. However just saw a big break from one of their gymnasts, so their season high of 48.95 makes more sense. Looks like Arkansas is hit hit hit for bars - they will almost definitely beat Florida tonight.

7:48pm - Dear FUCKING PINK! - we're all getting tired of Requiem for a Dream. Anna Li rocked the shit out of it last year. That's why you ass-planted your double pike. It's called a hot mix by Adam Lambert - look into it.

7:50pm - Arkansas has officially beaten Florida. All eyes are now on the anchor Bronco - if she goes 9.85, it's ovah for the Gators. Any tie between the Gators & Broncos will favor Boise State since Florida would have to count that dreadful 8.475 of Dickerson.

7:51pm - Florida IN, Boise State OUT by .025 - 196.425 to 196.400.

7:53pm - Who is more stressed out than me? The individual gymnast on beam after Boise State, who fell 3 times.

7:55pm - And inexplicably, an NCAA honors the armed forces montage during the break. Which is awesome, but super weird after 2.5 hours of gay meth music & video editing. Good times.

7:58pm - That was an exciting day - thanks for spending it with me! Thanks to Florida, Boise State, Stanford, Minnesota and the Golden Flashes for making it tremendously exciting! Thanks to BYU for being FUCKING PINK! Thanks to Central Michigan's Mexican wrestler fan for making the trip to Tuscaloosa, AL. Thanks to Mizzou, ASU and others for giving me leos to bash. I'll be in the comments if there are further questions.

Y! M! C! A! I'm glad celebration of the fabulous and gay is alive and well in Denver. You give me hope for Colorado.

Your 2011 NCAA nationals qualifiers today for Cleveland (yay?) are:
1) UCLA - 197.425
2) Oklahoma - 197.350
3) Alabama - 197.275
4) Michigan - 197.075
5) Oregon State - 197.025
6) Georgia - 196.750
7t) Nebraska - 196.550
7t) Arkansas - 196.550
9) Utah - 196.475
10) Florida - 196.425
11) Illinois - 195.925
12) Cinderella (Kent State) - 195.450


  1. WHy is Allison Taylor in the stands and not with the team on the floor?

  2. I love the upgrades the McCullough made in her routine this year with the full-in pike. However, it's been inconsistent for her this season. I'm glad she "watered" down to the tuck full-in and double tuck dismount. One of the cleaner routines she's performed all year. Assuming UCLA makes it to nationals, I hope she does the same just to make the finals.

    I guess we'll see mostly UCLA this rotation now that UGA has a bye.

  3. A number of the routines from Maryland and NC State put Georgia to shame...

  4. I've become increasingly impressed with Kevin Copps moderation. Still a little douchey and still flubs a little on the skills, but for a commentator without another gymnast "sidekick" he does pretty well.

  5. @anon 1:46pm - my best guess as to why AT is in the stands and not on the floor with UCLA is that there's probably a roster limit on the floor, since this is an official post-season NCAA meet. Those are the athletes who are eligible to compete today, and it's not like AT is in their top 12 or 15 or whatever athletes who might compete today.

  6. It's a shame that big name schools and gymnasts get scored more generously than those from smaller schools :(

  7. @anon 2:14pm - ita with Kevin Copps commentary. He seems solid and trying to get everything right. Very professional. As for the douchey, he's probably less douchey than I would be commentating a men's basketball game...

  8. I would deduct for McComb's hair if I were judging.

  9. CassidyMcCombsHairApril 2, 2011 at 2:43 PM

    I'm not just a hairstyle, I'm a lifestyle.

  10. confused by the scoring spread for mauro's vault. 9.6-9.9??

  11. The judges are definitely rewarding height and distance significantly over landings on vault.

  12. i love that the former-HBIC for UGA is complimenting the HBIC of UCLA.

  13. Love Suzanne's commentary.

  14. I love what Suzanne said about Shayla..."she was recruited to get 9.9s, she needs to start putting up 9.9s."

    Suzanne you are my idol!

  15. I love that Suzanne is calling out Shayla saying, "she should be going 9.9 on all events she compete on. that's what she was recruited for." true words from the former HBIC.

  16. Now only if we see this UCLA at nationals, they may actually have a chance at challenging UF and defending their title. However, the only thing that's been consistent about UCLA this season is their inconsistency.

  17. Genuine LOL at Shayla's fall

  18. WTH Shayla? totally f'ed up Kat Ding's setup for a possible HUGE score.

  19. The person who runs the Denver coverage seems to be ADHD, judging by the speed at which it changes between routines.

  20. Can I see one routine at the Denver regional from start to finish.

  21. doesn't kent state still have one floor score to count?

  22. Kent State passed Stanford and Minnesota, according to Gymnastike. The score sheet froze.

  23. The Michigan announcer will be presenting the winners now.. There's no image but he's still talking.

  24. correction
    OU had three 9.9s and one 9.950

  25. The score sheet just reloaded for me, Kent St. finished 2nd, Ohio St. 3rd, Minnesota 4th (won tiebreak), Stanford 5th (lost tiebreak)

  26. is there live scoring anywhere for the Denver regional? I can't handle this crackhead 5 seconds per routine shit.

  27. Kent state is going to Nationals with a 195.45


  29. live scoring for denver

  30. Is that final? If so, then wow, Kent State is totally this year's Mizzou. How embarrassing it must be for Stanford to go from being the fourth ranked team to not even qualifying to Nationals.

  31. Kent State? Wow, you know it is bad when a team qualifies that you didn't even know existed.

    And thanks for the link to the scores

  32. SUCH a great thing for kent state! wow cant even believe it! they must be ecstatic. good for them!

  33. are there live scores for tuscaloosa? cant seem to find them


  35. Mizzou's leo's look like black & yellow held together with shiny duct tape! Yuck...

  36. Looks like Illinois is going to take 2nd in Tuscaloosa!

  37. Who qualified in Corvallis?

  38. Macko looked like she was in a lot of pain after that beam routine

  39. If Arkansas and Boise St. both score better than 49.050 in the final rotation, Florida won't qualify for nationals...

  40. Wouldn't that be crazy..I don't see Boise State putting up those numbers on beam but it definitely makes for a fun final rotation

  41. WOW it looks like florida is out

  42. Holy crapola.

    @GymnastIke Arkansas has just beaten the overall #1 Florida in Denver 196.55 over 196.425! Boise is finishing on BB & could sneak in!!!
    1 minute ago

  43. WOOOOOWWWWWWWW.......Who could have predicted this??!!

  44. Florida beats Boise St. by 0.025

  45. aww Boise state was so close! would have loved to see the upset!

  46. Dannnng....I totally wanted Boise State to knock out the number one team....that would have been the story of the century. No doubt Rhonda's going to ream out her girls after the meet.

  47. I wanted Boise State to win SO BAD! I would have been like Georgia getting knocked out last year except even more awesome b/c Florida has been #1 all year. WAAAAAH!!!!


    There seems to be quite the delay to make the Denver Regional scores official. Dont get too excited yet, Gator fans...
    5 minutes ago via web

  49. For all I know the results are official. However, the NCAA has not put up the qualifiers yet on the home page:

  50. To update, the link has now been updated to name Arkansas & Florida as the qualifiers from the Denver regional.

  51. Catty Comments was as awesome tonight as Suzanne Yoculan spotting in stilettos. I am beyond impressed.

  52. I'm so happy a D3 girl beat the likes of Ashanee & other D1's in Denver. I went to D3 nationals and saw a hell of a lot better gymnastics than many of the D1's. D3 is all love for the sport - no scholarships and more realistic judging.

  53. omg this is the best commentary ever! thank you thank you!

  54. Agree, Catty Comments did a great job. I loved "FUCKING PINK" and also the comment about locking Noel Couch in a room with Armine Fong.

  55. Wow, Catty, awesome job!

  56. ucla got some major gifts. They deserved to move on but no way in hell were they better then Oklahoma, Alabama or even Arkansas tonight. No way at all. Sad when politics and stuff gets in the way.

  57. I really thought this was going to be Florida's year and they almost lost their Nationals spot to freaking Boise State. Talk about a rotten beam rotation. I will say that I'm glad they are still going to nationals, while upsets are very exciting for the sport it is clear that Florida is still the better team.

    Half the fun of the Mizzou upset last year was that many of the Georgia gymnasts were acting like spoiled entitled little princesses and were angry that their team's 9.7 efforts were being scored as such. They had no humility. Their complete disbelief that they had been best by Mizzou was schadenfreudetastic.

  58. I think some of them still are spoilt entitled little princesses... Georgia as a whole still seems to think they are on a par with UCLA/Florida/Bama, which hasn't been the case since Jay Clark took over. They should be glad they made Nationals, because if LSU had hit they would be sitting home in Athens all over again.

    Jay Clark has GOT to go if the team ever wants to win another national title.

  59. The Ivy League teams are in the same boat as D3s. No scholarships and judging much more realistic. UPenn's Dana Bonincontri was top scorer of the Individual AA competitors at Ann Arbor although she won't move on. She had a 38.9 and rotated with Ohio State.

  60. I rarely understand team-bashing, and I really don't understand for UCLA at all. They compete with integrity, and from what I've seen, they act with respect and integrity for their competitors. What more could we want from them? Neither the gymnasts nor the coaches have anything to do with the scoring... and all gymnasts/teams get scoring "gifts" sometimes.

  61. Florida received some GIFTS on beam

    Their entire line up after Malich's fall was very tentative.

    Bama is going to win NCAAs this year. Their freshies Kim Jacob and Sarah DeMeo have ice through their veins. I've seen them go 9.9 on beak after teammates before them have falls.