Sunday, April 24, 2011

This and That

Kohei Uchimura at Japanese Nationals

Patrick Chan's big leap.

Ross Miner had a clean short run-through today.  Patrick labeled his practice an 8/10.

Team Morozov Update

Mary Lee Tracy on getting her start as a gymnastics coach and building CGA.

Lambiel at the Fassa Ice Gala

Fumie Suguri at the Fassa Ice Gala


  1. I will officially lose faith in humanity if Uchimura doesn't win the 2012 AA title. I bet if compulsories were still around he's be ace at them.

    Why is it the men have cleaner and better technique than the women nowadays? I'm getting to the point I'd rather watch them than the women. The difficulty is higher but execution is much better. Oh well.

  2. Not to get into a pro- or anti-Chan discussion, but that "big leap" article made me want to take a big puke.