Monday, April 25, 2011

This and That (Bonus Edition)

AEG is partnering with USA Gymnastics to produce the 2012 and 2016 Post Olympic Tours.  Nastia Liukin will be a major part of the creative process, will serve as a spokesperson and a cast member.

Patrick Chan believes he is ready for his first world title.

Tara Lipinski was back on the ice jumping today.  She also seems to be chummy again.  Is she planning on competing at any pro-ams?

The Romanian Gymnastics Team had a TV Special.  Without a translation, Belu and Bitang looks very confident after the recent success of Sandra Izbasa at the European Championships.  There are plenty of training clips in parts 2 and 3.  Catalina Ponor looks to have almost all of her top skills back and is in killer shape.  Ana Porgras is the girl in leg warmers.

Is there any bad blood between Kendra and Carrie Ann Inaba?


  1. "Nastia Liukin will be a major part of the creative process..." Who will benefit? WOGA gymnasts ie Hollie Vise, that's who. Time to be chummy with Queen Nastia.

  2. I'm glad to see Sarah Palin has found a new career commentating on Romanian gymnastics. Anything that keeps her out of U.S. politics is a win/win.

  3. Oh god, those tours suck enough as is and now we get Nastia's "creativity"? Yay! We've all seen her tour performance pieces.

  4. Great that Nastia is involved in the creative process. The means more bullshit attempts at dance and performance and less skills. The progressive shows are horrible. If the US wins in 2012, I pray that they bring back professional competitions. Of course, Nastia would be commentating as opposed to competing. But imagine the pro line-up:

    USA #3
    Huang Q


  5. good beam training in part 2 at 6min+, and around 9:15, 12:10. there's a lot in part 3.

    i want something gym related to happen soon!!!

  6. oh lay off nastia people. she's just a name, she's not really gonna be running anything. and besides all these gym shows suck anyway, she couldnt do any worse.

  7. Anon at 3:29: She couldn't do any worse than Obama. He's a Bush clone, for heaven's sake.

  8. WTF would we need a pro competition for that when they already all compete against each other? lol.

    Ponor already looks ready for competition. lol, I know she probably isn't yet, but still, she looks great. I wonder if she could contribute on beam and floor. The other two events probably won't help any.

  9. I'm still frightened by Belu and Bitang, but all the girls seem comfortable around them. Maybe they are actually sane coaches now?