Monday, April 4, 2011

This and That

UCLA Press Conference

Nobunari Oda is heading to Canada to prepare for Worlds.

Universal Sports caught up with Shawn Johnson.  

News Clip about the Russian Junior Championships.

Anastasia Grishina won the Russian Junior Championships.  Anastasia Sidorova finished three tenths behind.

Anastasia Grishina won bars, but finished second behind Anastasia Sidorova on three events.

The Gymnastics Examiner was on hand at the European Championships to catch all the action from podium training.

Aliya Mustafina's Floor Routine In Podium Training

Beth Tweddle's Floor Routine In Podium Training


  1. Shawn looks good...I know only her face is visible in that video but a lot of times weight gain/loss shows up on the face first. Her face looked thinner to me.

    She seems to be taking the training seriously, and I think her comeback is good for the sport. I hope she does well.

  2. As a UCLA fan, I am NOT liking this draw.. They win their regional posting the highest score and get "rewarded" with being assigned into the "group of death" AND get a horrid rotation ending on beam yet again.. Wow! Hopefully they can rise to the occasion and nail beam as they did at regionals...

  3. @820...I understand UCLA's frustration at he draw, but they given what they did at regionals they should have no problem advancing out of their group at nationals. I think the group with Florida, Alabama, and Oregon State would have been a lot harder for UCLA.

  4. Shawn got his wisdom teeth taken out about a week and a half ago. That is HEAVEN for losing weight.

  5. What is wrong with Shawn's eyebrows... wow... they look so weird to me

  6. Getting ur wisdom teeth out also makes ur cheeks shes prob even skinnier than she seems...funny how "nastia runs everyday" and "nastia has a business meeting" seems like u come to her defense alot...then someone says shawn looks good n u say its cuz of,her wisdom teeth...not cuz she has worked hard in,the gym on her comeback for a long time now. Sorry shes been busting her ass while nastia hasnt. I know that breaks ur heart!

  7. ucla is probably the most over hyped and over rated team I have ever seen.

  8. We all know that AJ dreams that Nastia is somehow going to start training away and blow our minds with Rachmaninoff FX music, a gorgeous DTY, and a completed 3/1 off BB. Yes, most of us live in the real world and make no mistake in understanding that Nastia is milking her fame for all it's worth. Also, those of us in the real world know that AJ has always hated Shawn J and would never expect him to utter a word of praise about her. You're looking at the wrong blog if you want to see someone get all giddy about Shawn. AJ is as biased as they come, and frankly, that's why people read this blog. It's tabloid journalism at its finest.

  9. Seriously people. Sure AJ has his biases that he freely admits to and often points out! He also gives credit where credit is due. Saying that she got her wisdom teeth out isnt diminishing the fact that she surprised many of us and is actually back in the gym and working hard. She looks thinner (especially considering the fitness issues at camp). Yes, most of that is her getting back into to shape BUT getting your wisdom teeth out sure dont hurt. I wish I could get mine out again. So THIN!!!