Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This and That

No matter what she does, I can't help loving and supporting Nicole Bobek.  It is almost like a familial love where we have to forgive her.  Our girl is far from perfect, but she can perform.  We've sat through years of IJS programs designed to be back with supposed 'good skating,' yet Nicole prepares for an ice show and films herself in an empty rink and just blows everyone away.  Dick Button once said that 'she knows what the audience wants and gives it to us.'  Is Nicole doing the most complex edges?  No.  She is putting on a performance and it is fabulous.  Unfortunately, Nicole's charisma cannot be taught.

Great article on Nicole preparing with some help from Todd, Callaghan and JoJo Starbuck.

Kwan's political career continues.

Jessica Dube takes another shot at Bryce by having a new partner already (boyfriend?) with Sebastien Wolfe.

Whatever happened to Mira Leung?

Rachael Flatt Update
The victorious Stanford Men

Donny Osmond's blunt take on last night's Dancing With The Stars

NCAA Press Conference with the Individual Champions

NCAA Press Conference with the coaches of the Individual Champions

Shannon Miller tells us to put our toddlers in gymnastics


  1. I feel kinda bad for Bryce because he was trying to recover from injury, but I don't want to just hate on Jessica for dumping him when I don't know what the working relationship between them was really like. Dube and Davison have acted strange with each other from time to time since their off-ice relationship went sour. Hopefully she didn't just dump him because he was crippled.

    She supposedly told him like three months ago she wanted to maybe skate with someone else, so it's not shocking she already has a new partner. She's a top pair skater in Canada and was probably going to be in demand.

  2. What a neat post! Looking forward for more post from you. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Perhaps it's true that Jessica told Bryce three months ago that she wanted out, but when they announced the split she made it all about her renewed love for singles skating and wanting to pursue many different things. Then, when there's the announcement of the new partnership, she makes it sound like it just happened, without her having pursued it at all.

    I don't have a problem with her wanting out and wanting a new partner. I have a very big problem with the lies and the lack of even any lip service concern toward Bryce.

  4. NICOLE! I mean, OK, the technical content wasn't all that impressive, but I'm so proud of her for coming back and bringing it to that degree. I hope Callaghan can bring back most of her doubles and get her to the point where she can tour again. I loved the bit in the article where she talks about learning just how much work goes into maintaining an ice rink. I am really rooting for her to battle past addiction and build a life for herself -- I've loved her since, like, 1994, and I like to see her regaining control over her life.

  5. Bryce deserves better. First she broke his heart by cheating on him with his best friend (not Scott Moir -- he came later) and now this. Not to mention that it was her consistent inability to land jumps that hamstringed their career.

    It's just silly that she said she wanted to go to school and do singles (oh yes, bright future there!) and five minutes later she has a new partner. So disingenuous.

    Alas, I think Bryce's career is over. But you never know, I suppose.

  6. It's unlikely, but it IS possible that Wolfe approached Dube without her really pursuing it. I mean, she's a very accomplished skater...Everyone was going to hear that she was available and any interested male partners were going to call her whether she was actively pursuing a partner or not.