Friday, April 15, 2011

Favorite Things Friday!

Since this weekend is gym-heavy, this week is non-gymn focused!


  1. Dear Aunt Joyce,

    Thank you for this wonderful "Favorite Things Friday" post!! I actually really enjoyed that Tara Lipinski number. I had forgotten all about that one. I adore Punsalan and Swallow's '98 tango (they were way underrated!), and it's a pleasure to see Michelle's "East of Eden" again. Makes me shutter to think that Rachael is even trying to skate to that music! Thanks again for bringing some happiness into my day!

  2. I am a Kwan-uber, I'll admit it. So I was slightly annoyed to see a Tara Lipinski video among your favorites. But I must say, that is the best I have ever seen her skate. To me, it shows that there is so much more to skating than just the tricks that won her an Olympic gold medal. Thanks for posting.

  3. great post. loved them all. I never saw Tara's Secret Garden. It was on a different level than all her other skates.

    Sasha's Sentimental Waltz is just too good for words. That's the Sasha I miss.