Friday, April 15, 2011

NCAA Prelims - Evening Session Live Blog

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Kittens, let's get ready to rumble, if "rumble" involves crystals, abused ponytails, and beam wobbles!

Fashion report: Nebraska in mostly black leos w/ single red & single white neck swoosh. Utah in black bottoms, white top V. Florida blue body, white sleeves w/ blue criss-cross back.

6:16 - ANOTHER leadoff beam fall from Florida?! Mahlich, what is going on girlfriend?

6:17 - Skinner VT Nebraska - low fty hopped back. I do not like the color swoosh placement on the Husker leos.

6:18 - Lothrop hits a good bars for Utah. Her feet are apart on the straight vault mount, full pirouette, and double layout dismount that she stepped back on. And fugly feet on the release.

6:19 - Elise Ray was "one of the first" to go directly from the Olympics to the NCAA. Don't tell that to Sarah Patterson and her "Olympian" Kim Kelly.

6:20 - Johnson falls for Florida on beam. It's like Florida is trying to will the Kent State Golden Flashes Miracles on Ice into Super Six. Florida will count a fall, all Gator fan girls are holding their breaths.

6:23 - Cortini Beers for Utah hits her bars dlo dismount. Ray is musing about NCAA is "all about the details." Can someone please tell that to Marsden & have him take a microscope to those bars feet?

6:24 - "Hey Big Spender" plays on the Beaver floor as we watch McAllister wait to mount bars & wait for Cortini's score. Can someone focus the camera closer to the Utah bars coach? Mama like. Nice clean routine from McAllister.

6:25 - Mak of Oregon State fx on replay - nice OSU leos with mostly black, two dark orange diagonal stripes on the side going up to the back V. I adore sporty leos with a little sizzle. Everyone holding their breaths as Dickerson is about to mount beam for Florida.

6:29 - Dickerson hits the acro pass cold. Double tuck dismount, 1 step forward. BIG hit after her disasterous 8.475 at regionals.

6:31 - Glass of Boise State, who almost knocked Florida out of these championships, is rotating with the Gators. She saves the lowest side somi I have ever seen. To her credit, Glass was probably shocked to learn mid-air that she is wearing the leotard equivalent of a gay Sunkist popcicle from Fukushima Dai-ichi.

6:35 - OMG, the mostly unseen Nebraska vault rotation went 49.45. Let's see if they can stay anywhere near on the beam.

6:43 - Leslie Mak hits a nice fty with a small step. Jacob for Kent State hits a nice bars routine with much better foot form than Corrie Lothrop.

6:46 - Abou-Mitri for Kent State Miracle on Ice is up on bars. Bad feet on the Jaeger and tucked full-out, but lovely form the rest of the routine, which is insanely hard since she wears a tribble on top of her head.

6:48 - McAllister on beam for Utah. Solid acro series. Elise Ray inexplicably calls a Korbut flip a "splashdown." Well she tries to explain that new name, but there is no explanation unless she works for NASA.

6:50 - Millner on floor for Alabama. Everyone holds their breath after the double Arabian mount to see if she could remember her choreography afterward like she didn't at SEC Championships. The Bama leos are deep crimson with one white sleeve & white flame boob & shoulder blade. Pretty color, fugly white flame.

6:53 - Stack-Eaton for Bama on fx. Elise Ray compliments the precision in her dance, "like, in her hands... and her chin." Apparently Stack-Eaton is the Jay Leno of Bama fx. Nailed the routine, should go 9.95.

6:56 - Hoffman rocks her opening Bama pike full-in, then almost face-plants the 1.5 to front layout, but saved it. Giant double pike to end. It's a shame Bama is going 1st on floor - word is they were winning fx in the practice session yesterday.

6:58 - AJ is officially on botox watch with Rhonda Fahen, since Val's expression never changed the entire afternoon. That's one way to handle 2 beam falls. I'm sure after today Jay will be pillaging Val's stash.

7:04 - The scores are not updating on my webpage, probably in protest from being hosted on a website called Fetish site? Yes, if your fetish is NCAA championship prelim scores. Next domain mystery - what is a Troester and why are they the only beings in the world that can calculate RQS? And are they housed in Abou-Mitri's hair tribble?

7:06 - I've decided that the reason Bama is favored is not for their 9.9 potential so much as the confidence that they will remain on the beam. Florida, UCLA, even Oklahoma? Notsomuch.

7:07 - LOVING the Nebraska leadoff gymnast on bars - perfect form, huge Geinger, perfect legs & feet on tucked full-in dismount that she easily sticks.

7:09 - Maranda Smith, 17th year senior on fx. Florida apparently sent her on some Mormon mission or something else that Urban Meyer made up for the NCAA police to give her a 17th season of competition. Amazing opening pike full-in that's mostly laidout, nailed everything else. It goes 9.9 to no one's surprise.

7:12 - Johnson looking to redeem herself after beam with beautiful, huge, hella cowboyed double arabian. She could've birthed Rush Limbaugh on that pass. Huge double pike to end.

7:14 - Milliner & her boobie flame for Bama on vault. Saved her 1.5 y, 2 steps back.

7:16 - Dickerson on fx for Florida. Gigantic double Arabian to open, 1 hop back after her automatic 2nd pass of front pike, ro, double tuck. That pass is easier for her than all of the gymnasts who do a ro, 1.5, front layout pass. Stack-Eaton goes 9.9, then Hoffman rockets a fty for a 9.9 which should've gone 9.95 or 10.0. Elise is surprised by the Dickerson fx 9.875 because apparently she didn't notice the hop back to end the 2nd pass.

7:22 - Macko fx replay for Florida - butt-planted the end of her 2nd pass, a front pike. Nails ending double pike. What a surprising fall, but it was the only fx fall as Florida rocks fx for a 49.45 to beat Bama on that event.

7:26 - Watching Valleau (go SJ State!) slightly biff her middle pass on floor, I'm looking at the team standings after 3 rotations -
1) Nebraska 98.8 (no beam)
2) Bama 98.75 (no beam)
3) Oregon State 98.05 (no beam)
4) Utah 97.8 (beam 48.75)
5) Florida 97.575 (beam 48.125)
6) Kent State 97.050 (beam 48.3)

Color me crazy, but I think Florida still has a chance. They compete vault & bars, and I think they can beat Utah going on floor & vault. The key is either Nebraska or Oregon State has to count a fall on beam - if both stay on, Florida is out.

7:36 - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun on the speakers, 17th year senior Smith blasts and amazing stuck fty for Florida. Macko up next.

7:37 - Macko flares her fty, but short & stepped forward. One thing I really like about Rhonda Smith - she will never claim Macko told her this is harder than 6-3-3.

7:40 - Johnson has gotten a *major* tan - oh that's Dickerson. Easy fty, flared & short with a step forward.

7:41 - NOW it's Johnson, Rock You Like A Hurricane - she gets the fty stick! Is everyone ready for the inevitable arena unveiling of Pour Some Sugar on Me? Just me?

7:42 - Mak for OSU on bars. Went crazy wonky feet on her Bhardwaj, but sticks the tucked full-in dismount. And Lothrop Assassin Tango OH HELL NAW with that music.  Betcha no one ever told Angelina Jolie she's "coachable." Large step back on huge ending double pike - we'll see if it's deducted. Lothrop apparently embodies all Asian stereotypes by having a "tremendous work ethic" and being "coachable." C'mon Utah, break the mold - call her an awesome driver! Or bad at karaoke! Or hates math! Give me something!!!

7:48 - Some Nebraska blonde has stepped in at the last minute to do beam and does a wonderfully solid routine, including sticking the ro 1.5 dismount. Good for her! Looks like the Huskers have 9.775'ed their beam way into Super Six!

7:55 - The music plays before Rotation 5 - She's a Maniac! Maniac! On the floor! Did Catherine Zeta-Jones just walk in? Seriously Catherine, rest well - we need your crazy to keep Michael Douglas around.

8:01 - Moore on fx for Kent State - huge double pike but huge step back. The story is actually with Oregon State on beam. If they hit, they're in Super Six. If not, they're out & Florida is most likely in, or possibly Utah.

8:04 - Lothrop on vt for Utah, high & 1 small step back on her fty. Now is Damianova - lovely delayed twist on the fty, hop at the end.

8:19 - Had an interruption on my end - looks like OSU may be out after falling just behind Utah after beam. After Rotation 5, Utah 196.2, Nebraska 196.1. Bama can go 48.125 on beam and still qualify with a 3-event total of 148.1. Nebraska needs to hit floor to keep them alive. The top beam team score this session has been 48.775.

8:23 - Per AJ, "Florida needs to hope judges overlook how crappy Ashanee is on bars." Also, "Go Macko - don't be a Shayla."

8:27 - Ellis for Florida on bars - lovely start, absolutely stuck her double layout dismount. AJ: "Ellis did the best Jaeger of her life and gave it away on the handstand."

8:29 - Dickerson strong bars for her, took a needless step on the dismount. 9.85.

8:31 - Goodwin for FL bars - the coverage knows everyone's eyes are on bars. Clean Tkachev. Step forward on a very neat double front.

8:33 - Another dismount step and Florida is giving it away. Caquatto step on the dismount - she may get a 9.9, but they need 9.95.

8:35 - AJ is bittah. "Macko is a total Shayla today. I'm not forgiving on the ankle. Shut up and stick. I never liked you or your pot belly."

8:37 - Johnson sticks a perfect routine like a pro. That was clutch. 9.95.

8:38 - Florida is out after finishing behind Utah, with Bama & Nebraska still competing. Too bad. Florida 196.125, Utah 196.2, Oregon State 196.1.

8:40 - Huge wobble for Stack-Eaton on beam for Bama, and a huge break on her full turn takes away her hopes of catching Botterman for AA.

8:41 - It's looking Alabama, a surprising Nebraska, and a surprising Utah going on. If Florida had stuck 2 more dismounts, they'd be in. Or, like, stayed on the beam like Bama, Nebraska & Utah.

8:42 - Our Supah Six is: UCLA, Oklahoma, Michigan, Bama, Nebraska, and Utah. Botterman & her woodland creature of Michigan is the AA champion.

8:44 - Per AJ, "Tomorrow is a dual meet between UCLA & Alabama."

8:46 - Can someone in the arena please trap Elise Ray and tell her that the regular season is not "the preseason," the post-season is not "the regular season," and what a Ray 2 is? Bokay.

8:48 - I'll analyze whatever video is posted - see you at 4pm Easter / 1pm Pacific tomorrow for SUPAH SIX!


  1. They get a much better crowd when they hold it in Utah or something.

  2. Elise doesn't seem to grasp that the teams don't compete during the preseason.

  3. You know you nailed it when they eliminate a 9.8. Roll TIDE!!

  4. 48.125 on beam for BB for Florida...might knock them out of the Super Six. Especially with OSU and Nebraska doing so well...

  5. It may be in vain, but Maranda Smith absolutely killed it on floor. Should have gone 9.95 as it was the best floor routine of the day so far.

  6. Stack Eaton needs 9.850 average on UB/ BB to knock out Botterman for AA.

  7. OSU rocking UB...(#1 IN THE COUNTRY) lowest score so far is a 9.850!

  8. OSU with .525 lead over Florida
    Nebraska with .65 lead over Florida....

    It's gonna be tight...but looking like UFL will be out...

  9. oops
    OSU with .625 over Florida
    Nebraska with .75 over Florida

  10. Florida needed a bit more on vault. Now they need to hope for a meltdown by Nebraska or Oregon State.

  11. Nebraska is on fx so they look to be in...OSU has hit 3 BB routines. (one at 9.650 though)

  12. Osu is out. Florida needs a 49 and some change to get through. Otherwise Utah is in....Assuming Bama and Nebraska hit.

  13. Yeah 49.325 for Florida to knock out Utah...

  14. Wow, beam is just destroying teams tonight!

  15. Looks like once again Florida peaked too early in the season. I predict that UCLA, Alabama, or Oklahoma will win the title tomorrow. Go Bruins!

  16. Don't count Nebraska out...

  17. Yeah Nebraska was only .2 away from Bama and that was with scores below 9.800 on BB.

  18. Heh, Big 12 got as many teams into super six than "powerhouse conferences" Pac-10 and SEC combined...:)

  19. Your commentary is a riot! Love the botox talk and birthing Rush Limbaugh! I was laughing out loud. But what a boring top 6. I don't even care. I imagine it will be UCLA or Alabama. Yawn.

  20. So proud of Kim Jacob! She came in 3rd AA in this session as a Freshman. I love the ease with which she handles beam, and I think she'll continue to improve on floor.

  21. I agree with out Florida or Georgia drama...major yawn....I cant even route for UCLA like last year. Last year they were magical. This sparkle.

  22. I agree with the post above that tomorrow is a dual meet between UCLA and Bama - I'm going with Bama for the win.

    So Florida and Georgia out --- I really thought Florida was going to come back after counting a fall on beam....and Georgia sucked. I feel like Jay Clark needs stop talking so confidently about his lackluster team and concentrate on rebuilding and recruiting people who can post big scores. Shayla and Tanella are not that great. They need a strong level 10 all arounder (or maybe 3) who isn't washed up from the elite scene.

  23. Thoughts of Georgia getting rid of Jay Clark? What about Suzanne coming out of retirement? (Wishful thinking) :)

  24. Don't count out Oklahoma. I'd love to see them win.

  25. "17th year Senior Miranda Smith". ahahahaha

  26. Interesting that Florida recruited Bridget Sloan. She is their team....great on vault, bars, and floor and horrific on beam. Rhonda needs to get some beam workers on that team stat. Her current line-up isn't even doing that much difficulty. I feel like beam is many of their worst events. I know that is the case for Caquatto, Dickerson, Johnson...