Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This and That

Michelle Kwan went dancing at the Opera Ball Saturday night!  I need to do whatever Yoga that girl is doing.

Martha Karolyi meets the press. (Discusses Nastia, Gabby, Sloan and Maroney)

Horton ready to show he is back from a foot injury.

Alicia can't be slowed down.

Interview with the very cute John Orozco.

CJ Maestas and Paul Ruggeri

The Upper East Side gang celebrated Tara Lipinski's birthday a week early.  Tara gets to officially start lying about her age this Friday.  It is amazing how time flies!  As usual, Sasha Cohen is showing off those B-cups.  Alexa Ainsworth from NBC is also there with the gang.

Sasha also showed the Bs another night out in NYC.  I thought Columbia was challenging?  Sasha must be a genius;)


  1. Can I just say I think Paul is adorable? His consistency... or lack there of kills me at times. When he's on, he's on and does great. But when he's off, watch out! Lets just hope he goes out and kills it at these next few meets.

  2. Paul and CJ need to get a room. Yes, adorable.

  3. With the cleavage she has going, I think Sasha has moved up to a C cup. But I'm not an expert. ;)

    Joke: How do you make 6 pounds of fat look good?

    Answer: Put a nipple on it.

    Also, I love the redeye in those pictures. Makes them all look possessed. which they probably are. It is also sad that Michelle looks fit enough that if she were to make a comeback, she would kick the asses of the current crop of top US women up one side of the rink and down the other.

  4. Michelle looks pretty awesome.

  5. How sad is it that skating people have no friends outside skating. I wish Tara wouod die already

    1. wow that's angry, who cares who people are friends with

  6. Maybe this was a party for just the skating friends. It was a week early. Maybe she's going to celebrate again. God, people are so nasty.