Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This and That

John Goddert on pacing Jordyn Wieber (with training clips...does she look as sharp to you?)

Podium Training Quick Hits and discussion of Olympic Team Selection Procedures.

Column on Rebecca Bross' Olympic Chances.  I enjoy how Andy Thorton is one of the only honest bloggers in the sport.

Getting to Know Alicia Sacramone (as though we idn't already.)

Ross Miner's new programs.  Ice Network is all about promoting Boston this we really need to know about Ross "choreography."

Shannon sports a new wig and discusses VISA Championships.  She is so never going back to her real hair.  I really miss her FLDS look from the 1996 Olympic Gala.

Johnny Weir's new SP music is rumored to be by Lady Gaga.  Is that outrageous enough to get him attention?  Are we immune to Gaga?  Does Johnny need a new shtick?  He will be a Phoenix for his long program: A Bottom With Feathers.

Carolina Kostner will continue competing.  Is this a mistake?  Is there anywhere to go but down?  Kostner's Jill Trenary-World-Title is unlikely to come around again.

Rhonda Faehn's contract was extended through 2017.  She will be coaching in a new gym come December.

Anna Li's 2012 Floor Music

Valeri kept the WOGA girls home for one more day of training before podium training before the public.  They arrived late afternoon.


  1. ahaha love how I knew every single answer before even reading it in Alicia's interview

  2. Thank you for recognizing the Kostner/Trenary analogy.

  3. Also, the nerd in me cannot believe that I didn't know the Skating Club of Boston had a figure as its logo. Love that!

  4. Andy's blogs are my fave. And his most recent on Rebecca Bross was wonderful...said what I've been saying to myself for the last 2 years. Let's hope she ditched her Patterson finally (although I'm about 99% sure she hasn't).

    I checked out that Alicia interview this morning, and I swear I read it somewhere else before. That or I just REALLY know a lot about Alicia...

    NOT digging Shannon's new mullet at all. And LMAO at the FLDS comment...SO freaking true!

    And the Kostner/Trenary analogy is perfect...she really should retire, but she's probably holding out for Sochi, where she will no doubt crash and burn for a third time.

  5. that was the universal style back in the 90s re: shannon's hair

  6. Help a non-gay out - what is FLDS?

    Shannon sold out her natural hair texture long before cancer and the wigs, though. Talk about a curly-girl in denial.

  7. flds is a crazy church, it's not a gay thing

  8. Oh, the Mormons? Oh o.k. - my poisoned brain shut down on me.

    LOL - Aunt Joyce is certified.

  9. "Carolina Kostner will continue competing. Is this a mistake? Is there anywhere to go but down? Kostner's Jill Trenary-World-Title is unlikely to come around again."

    I swear you said after Worlds that Carolina should continue! But yeah, her career has nowhere to go but down. Her performance at WTT exemplified that.

  10. Apparently Johnny doesn't pay nearly enough attention to the synchronized skating scene. We've already seen a Gaga program win a world medal. Time to move on. Bieber?