Monday, June 4, 2012

This and That

A message from Jenny Kirk.

Passing the Torch: Jake Dalton and Steve Legendre

Daily Bruin TV Athlete Biography of Sam Peszek

Julianne Hough in Interview Magazine

A profile on the always intriguing Evan Morgenstein  (He describes his career working NCAA players, whom he describes as worthless, thankless assholes.)

A more realistic reflection on the retirement of Shawn Johnson from American Gymnast than you'll see on the other blogs or gymnastics magazines.

Beth Tweddle on Bars from the Tri-Meet (Team Competition)

Danell Leyva's goals start in St. Louis

More British Tri-Meet Videos:

Danusia Francis

Hannah Whelan

Becky Downie

Rebecca Tunney

Jocelyn Hunt

Laura Mitchell


  1. I LOVE Hannah Whelan's floor routine

  2. Jenny Kirk looks stunning.

    1. i was going to say the same, she grew up to be even more gorg and so well spoken

  3. Oh Jenny. So many daddy issues.

  4. how fun, she's goin talk bout cutting

  5. The word in the gymnastics community is that Shawn Johnson's parents mortgaged their house 3 times to pay for her coaching over the years..maybe she didn't handle her retirement right..but I had two girls that made it to Division I NCAA gymnastics and it is very expensive to pay for 15 years of training with top coaches..I applaud her in trying to earn some money on her 15 plus years of training..gymnastics is so hard on women's bodies, especially at the Elite level, that even if she wanted to, her body may not be able to take it..witness Chelsie is too bad there isn't more reward for the years of these young ladies training..The elite girls need to go to college..not turn pro..unless you are an olympic gold or silver and very smart about it.

  6. Is Jenny Kirk still on crack? She comes across as a crazed aerobics instructor.

    1. it does look like there is too much energy there, she wants to be in journalism, i guess she does look like some of those overzealous news people, or maybe someone impersonating a new anchor