Friday, June 1, 2012

This and That

Beth Tweddle carried the torch.  It is impossible not to root for Beth this time around.  She is not my typical style of gymnast.  I have so much respect for this girl for continually trying and improving.  The Olympics are in her home country and I hope she nails her sets one more time.

Memmel Fans Flipping Mad at USA Gymnastics.  Notice that President Tool, Mr. Steve Penny, asked Chellsie to retire to make themselves look good.  I really respect Andy and Chellsie for having the guts to speak out in a mature way.

Chellsie Memmel Radio Interview

Chellsie Memmel interview with Inside Gymnastics.

A feature on how the Utter BS that the Rippon Lutz isn't valued more.

Miki Ando's dream was to be a coach.

Beth Tweddle's 100 Days to London

John Orozco has made it.  Only the likes of Dominique Dawes, Vitali Scherbo and Svetlana Boginskaya have made the likes of the music video world.

John Orozco's Team Behind the Team

Julianne Hough in Interview Magazine

Meet Danell Lleyva.  You know Johnny Weir dreams of turning him.

Interview with Jaycie Phelps, everyone's favorite bad ass who shined at compulsories.  Look at Jaycie smile when she says she was ahead of Shannon!

Jessica Savona's routine in floor finals at the Canadian Championships.


  1. To hell with Johnny, I dream of "turning" Danell, though, I wonder how hard that would really be.

    1. Heh. "Turning Danell"... I'd pay to see that.

  2. Love Jaycie Phelps! Thanks for sharing that interview.

    Chellsie's Inside Gymnastics interview is fantastic. It's not easy to take the high road after not getting what you want or feel you deserve, but she's been conducting herself with upmost professionalism, maturity, and class throughout this entire thing. Chellsie is an inspiration and a wonderful role model for all athletes.

  3. So, AJ, what say you to the fact that Sacramone and Memmel both pulled out of their respective international assignments in the fall due to injury, yet Memmel was NOT given a petition waiver to Nationals? That is the most blatant example of unfairness I have seen yet. They actually have a court case if they want to pursue it.

    1. AJ has been in favor of Memmel competing.

    2. Sacramone didn't pull out, she was still officially part of the team. She got a gold medal and everything.

  4. The rules are that only world team members go straight to Nationals but Alicia not competing is a good example of the hypocrisy

  5. Alicia was still considered a part of the worlds team, Chellsie was no longer a part of the Pan Am team. The girls that make worlds automatically qualify to nationals the girls at Pan Am do not

    Their competition scores have to meet the requirements, Shawn's 3 total score did, Bridget did not

    Bridget attended camps and qualified to nationals, which is why she could skip classics. Alicia attended camps.

    Chellsie knew the risks of not going, she should have gone to at least one as a safety net even if she just did single skills like Shawn and Alicia were doing earlier in the year

  6. www.davaistoi.wordpress.comJune 1, 2012 at 11:39 AM

    Alicia was part of the worlds team. Ridiculously, but she most certainly was. The fact that worlds team members automatically qualify but Pan Ams don't is arguably objectionable, but there's nothing hypocritical about it.