Monday, June 4, 2012

Breaking Pointe: Our New Summer Obsession

I have a confession to make: I thought I was too good for The Hills when it aired.  I never watched Laguna Beach either.  Yet, I find myself addicted to the new show Breaking Pointe.  It is filmed in the same style of The Hills where the conversations are obviously staged (this time over food--which is hilarious given the veins popping out of their necks), but some of the drama does indeed seem real.  Immediately after watching the show, I was googling the hell out of Ballet West and the dancers on the show. Ballet West is a real company and the dancers are the roles they claim to be.  Drama, beautiful dancing, skinny bitches, competition and gorgeous men.  What more could we want in a summer drama?

Adam Sklute is the Artistic Director of Ballet West.  Episode one involved him deciding the fate of the dancers in terms of renewing, promoting and declining to offer contracts.  This was a bit curious to begin the season with.  Usually, this is more of a season finale type drama.  We knew someone was going to have to go because no one is going to watch a series where everyone lives happily ever after from week to week.  Unfortunately, it becomes very obvious that Katie, the sweetheart of the show, is doomed.  Katie is a lovely girl who loves to dance, but it is clear from her edit that she will be in tears rather frequently.  Katie is hopelessly in love with her boyfriend, Ron, who resembles an Osmond.  Given the show's Salt Lake City setting, the comparison is an obvious one.  Katie and Ron have a steady relationship and both are on the bottom of the food chain.  (In real life, they are both listed as members of Ballet West's Second Company.)

Christiana, the prima principal ballerina, is the HBIC.  While there is another female principal in the company, she isn't on the show.  Christiana is somewhat likable, yet it is clear that she could cut someone if necessary.

She does admit to feel someone breathing down her neck in the form of Beckanne, the nineteen-year-old wonder kid.  Beckanne is already dancing principal roles in her first year.  She is sweet, wide-eyed and graceful.  And the other bitches hate her.

Ronnie is the hot-straight-white tool.  He likes hot rods and motorcyles.  He is bitter than he isn't a principal.  Thus far, he hasn't given us sufficient drama.  Confused with Ron and Ronnie?  Be prepared to spend your time trying to tell everyone apart: the girls are all fair skinned and anorexic looking.  Ron and Rex Osmond could be twins and then they have to throw a Ron and Ronnie at us.  Ron and Rex are a bit close, but they're ballet brothers, not two brothers who played little league together.

And then there is the star of the show: Allison.  We thought the show was about a ballet company, but it is really all about the aging demi-soloist and her mole.  Allison has a lovely boyfriend, Rex, only she pointedly refers to him as her 'friend.'  Bitch wants to have her cake and eat it too.  She spends all of her time with him, but then she flirts with other guys in front of him.  Rex stupidly drops the L-bomb on her, which has given her leverage to walk all over him.  In the beginning, we think that Allison is just focused on her ballet career, but it becomes obvious that she is the witch of the show early on.  Allison also hates Beckanne the most, as it becomes clear that she has long been overshadowed in the company and is now the same rank as a girl nine years her junior.  She makes a deliciously issue about her swollen ankle looking like Beckanne's ''fat feet."  From now on, you will never be able to look at Beckanne or her fat feet the same way again.

The show ends with Katie going on auditions and Adam saying that two dancers have yet to sign their contracts.  Drama!

Moment of Note:  Katie did give us our first shot of a ballerina walking around like a duck in street clothes when the camera focused on her J Lo booty as she entered Adam's office for the meeting of doom.

Watch the full first episode


  1. You do love to find drama wherever you can find it! I'm a dancer and thought the first episode was soooooooo dull. Although I'll admit to being entertained by Allison.

    1. I liked the first show. Many people wrote to AJ on formspring asking for a review. You don't need to be insulting. Some of us appreciate it. (I am also a dancer.)

  2. I'm already addicted to this show!! :)

  3. I'm going to have to start watching this. How does it this compare to Secret Life of Dancers? Of course nothing could ever top Gary Harris the artistic director in New Zealand. I loved it when he dissed the girl auditioning and she couldn't do a double pirouette.

  4. Beckanne is so full of herself. Feeling the pressure and expectations of becoming a demi soloist with Ballet West at 19? Big deal! Sylvie Guillem was a principal at Paris Opera Ballet at 19. Polina Semionova joined Berlin State Ballet as a principal aged 18. Olga Smirnova, 19, was just promoted to first soloist at the Bolshoi. Now tell me you have "pressure." Bitch, please.

  5. This isn't Russia or Paris, this is Utah!