Thursday, July 26, 2012

Women's Podium Training

Catalina's Leo here filling in for Aunt Joyce who has a very busy day today. Women's podium training is finally here! I know everyone is excited. From what we've heard this week it looks like it is going to be close showdown between the U.S.A. and Russia for the gold medal. Never count out me and my fellow Romanians though!

Belu made us do extra cardio this morning because of our lousy training session yesterday, so I had to miss the first two podium sessions. Here are the links to the Gym Examiner's notes from those sessions:

Developing story on my teammate Larisa Iordache: She might only compete bars and beam because of the plantar fasciitus she has developed. This is all unconfirmed at this point.

Useful links for live updates:

Gym Examiner's Quick Hits for Subdivision 3:

Anna Li injured her neck on her UB dismount. I think I speak for everyone here at Aunt Joyce in wishing her a quick and healthy recovery.

NBC has answered our prayers! Live stream of podium training!

Ok here we go! US marching in with hot pink on! Shocking!

The US is starting on vault. Maroney just did an Amanar so it looks like her foot/toe are fine.

Excellent Amanar from Gabby. Raisman does one as well. It's raining Amanars from team USA. Jordyn does one too. Kyla is doing yurchenko doubles. Maroney is amazing everyone with her vaults.

Apparently the live video isn't going to cooperate. It keeps saying it is "private." Screw you, NBC.

Gabby sat one of her Amanars as she often does in podium training. She hit her other attempts though. Some of the reporters say Raisman's Amanar has improved, but I really doubt it. They always say Aly has improved her form but when I watch her on TV it is still the same. Jordyn had a couple of near sticks on her Amanar attempts.

The Brits had a solid rotation on beam it seems. On to the next rotation.

As if Larisa's injury is not enough, it appears Rebecca Tunney has injured herself on her first tumbling run. She is getting looked at by trainers.

US on bars. Kyla does a solid routine. Gabby does a full set her first time up.

Video is working finally!

Kyla with another nice bar routine. I sort of like this hot pink leo. Gabby does her bar routine with a small error on one of her skills. Sorry this is Catalina's leo, I'm no bar expert.

Brits are going on floor, but the feed isn't showing them. Tweddle did a fantastic floor routine according to the reports. US looks done with bars. 2 minutes left in this rotation. No Maroney on bars as expected.

US to beam and Brits to vault. Canada on floor and France on bars. Please show Youna on bars!

Kyla first up on beam. Then Gabby. Interesting line-up decision. Jordyn is 3rd, then Raisman anchors.

Kyla doing her full set. Is solid until she falls off on her punch front. Martha won't be pleased. Excellent set form Gabby besides a balance check on her full. The switch ring could have been better too. Missed Wieber's first series. She still has the awful fhs-full-bhs combo which we thought might be taken out. No connection attemped with the aerial cartwheel and side aerial. Bobble on the side somi. Solid set from Raisman complete with unpointed toes and leaps that don't hit 180. Kyla is back on the beam again. NBC is making me dizzy with the change of views. Missed a lot of Gabby. Solid again from Wieber with a few bobbles. The ugly combo we all hate has a hard time flowing together. To Wieber's credit it really looks like she is trying to reach 180 on those leaps. I had to miss Raisman to update this blog. Not a tragedy. Gabby fell on her series the 2nd time up apprently. Yeah, she was way off on that.

Live cursing courtesy of NBC! "Did you see that live monkey shit?" Drops an f-bomb. On to the final rotation in this subdivision.

No Maroney on floor. What a shame if she can't compete floor in prelims. I'm guessing she won't.

Ross on floor. Oh my ears and eyes. Solid opening tumbling runs. Botched double L-turn. Pace back on her double tuck, couldn't see if she went out of bonds. Gabby a little short on her triple twist, hop forward. Excellent on her other passes. Jordyn sticks her double double cold. Killer routine from her except a little hope back on her double pike.

Aly tucks her front layout on her first pass and is then short on her arabian double pike. Her triple twist was, ehh. Not a great routine from Aly.

Tweddle looks amazing on bars. She is doing a double double dismount now instead of the full-in. That does it for subdivision 3! I'll make a new post for the next subdivision. I hope I'm doing ok filling in for AJ. I'm a rookie at this, bare with me! Ok Catalina's leo needs a pee break before Mother Russia walks in.


  1. OMG that podium is blindingly pink. I hope it won't affect the athletes. I'd hate to be in the middle of a flip on the balance beam and receive a blinding pink glare from the jumbo tron. That color can't transmit well on camera. I wonder why they chose hot pink to broadcast Olympic gymnastics to the world? And for the men's equipment no less.

    I really hope that Larisa feels well enough to compete everything in qualifications. God please heal Larisa's heel!

    1. Let's face it, that's Pepto Bismol Pink.... whomever decided on the color scheme needs to be out of a job.

  2. I personally feel that all that pink just looks tacky.

    1. you're not the only one... ick.

  3. The podium training video tells me it's private? Anybody know what that means?!?

  4. yes, same thing, how to get off private?????

  5. I can watch the soccer but when i try to watch gymnastics it says the video is private???? BOOOOOOOOOOOOO :(

  6. There are issues with the podium training live stream. First I suspect it only works inside the US. Secondly you need to choose your cable provider than create an account. Trying to watch it is quite difficult. Hopefully it's not like this to watch the actual competition.

  7. OH MY GOD LARISA!!! THE POOR DARLING! Now I guess Raisman will medal on floor now... The Romanians must be gutted :-(

  8. Um, nice commentary from the camera man there...

    1. I just heard that!!! Nice F-bomb too lol.

  9. I wish we got to see Pitic :(

  10. I love how Marta won't take a "one-event athlete" and then basically does just the opposite. And how she told Kyla not to upgrade her floor, because she might have a chance to qualify for the 2nd AA spot if she had.

    1. If Kyla could upgrade her floor, I'm pretty sure she would have. Obviously she's not the greatest tumbler in the world...

      I'm sure you think Martha's told her to keep a double tuck instead of upgrading to a Patterson.

    2. Maroney was supposed to compete floor, but broke her toe.
      What a ridiculous statement that you think Marta would tell Kyla not to upgrade. Marta worships the ground Kyla walks on and would have no problem if she qualified for the 2nd AA spot.

    3. To: CollenMcPinto
      This is how things were explained to me:
      "The reason why she [Marta] wouldn't want 4 girls going for the AA spot is because in prelims (which is how they qualify to team/event/AA finals) only 4 compete on each apparatus. If 4 were to compete for the AA than one person would be not able to qualify for any event finals (in this case Mckayla) So to keep Kyla's difficulty down, makes it an easier decision. So in this case Jordyn, Gabby and Aly will go for the all around during prelims. Kyla on bars and beam, Maroney on Vault and floor during prelims." Except now Kyla will compete floor as well as beam and bars because McKayla can't do floor.

  11. Girls need to calm down, especially Gabby. I know it's the Olympics, but if they just trust their gymnastics and don't force or rush it, then they will be fine. I'm definitely going to be on the brink of having a heart attack come prelims.

  12. Catalina's leo You are doing great! Thank you so much.

  13. andy thorton tweeted something about raisman training bars earlier. ew no why!? maybe he meant wiebs?

    1. oh i get it she is trying for AA. thought for a minute it had something to do with Li out.