Thursday, July 26, 2012

Women's Podium Training Subdivision 4

Next group includes Mother Russia and China!

Twitter is down so I have to rely on Facebook for updates. NBC's streaming is a total mess right now.

Here are Blythe's quick hits:

IG's Facebook page:

Mustafina does a solid floor routine, opening with an ADF to stag jump. Crossed legs on the triple twist as usual.

Komova had some issues on floor. Went out of bounds on her 1 1/2 through to arabian double stag jump. Hands down on her double pike.

Grishina touched down on her opening double double. Sadness. No details, but Afan's floor routine was excellent according to IG. China looks good on beam.

Catalina's Leo is getting very hungry.

Komova did an Amanar and landed upright! It is apparently very nice too.
Maria Bee Farm is sitting down some Amanar attempts. Stuck DTY from Mustafina.

Solid floor routine from Deng Linlin. China is doing well on floor but the difficulty in their tumbling is lacking.

Bee Farm hasn't landed an Amanar yet from reports and is working on her second vault (a Mustafina).

Off to get some lunch. Be back in a few.

Russia on bars. Great sets from Grishina and Komova. Grishina is doing a piked Tkatchev. Grishina is landing her double double dismount with no problems. Outstanding routine from Mustafina. She is really going all out on bars.

Chinese are doing DTYs. Yao Jinnan is having some problems with hers.

Final Rotation:
Russia on beam and China on bars.

Grishina and Komova do great routines. Komova's connections were good. Mustafina went "diva" on her beam routine, whatever that means. IG should know better than to stoop to NBC's level. Afan is apparently just doing "ok" on beam.

Yao Jinnan missed a Tkatchev and He Kexin missed her Jaeger. Overall it seems China looks sluggish. Sounds like Russia had a phenomenal beam training today.

IG is saying Mustafina is a drag on the rest of the team? WTF? I really question this interpretation.

That concludes this subdivision session. Hopefully Twitter is back soon so we can get more detailed updates.


  1. Do you have a link to the new podium training session, or is it the same as the other?

  2. Is this more gamesmanship from Russia? Are they playing possum? I wanna see their Amanars!

  3. Komova says it's OVA!

  4. If you follow Blythe, Musty jumped off the beam when she missed something I guess, which everyone does but IG is calling that "Diva". She then did over her routine and nailed it.

    IG is unprofessional, barely spoke about the Chinese and knew only one of the Chinese gymnasts names, kept saying Diva referring to Musty when she didn't even do anything divaish. Musty doing bars in breaks and because she came off IG said, "Let the drama begin". Couldn't even name some of the elements being done on beam. Damn Terrible

  5. I bet my mother that Mustafina will land an Amanar at team finals. Komova is a given and Paseka will barely land hers or die trying. It's looking good for Russia. Romania not so much

    1. Russia has an excellent shot at a medal, most likely silver if they hit. But will it be gold? I don't think so, unless the U.S. bombs or has an injury. oo many inconsistences, too many falls.

      From Twitter:
      Andy Thornton ‏@AndyThorntonNBC
      Russia on floor: falls from Komova and Grishina, out of bounds for Afanasyeva (but plenty of power), messy legs from Mustafina.

      They also had probs on beam...jumping off, etc.