Thursday, July 12, 2012

This and That

The final installment of the Aly Raisman Documentary

Carolina Kostner is vowing to compete until Sochi,  Now that or equine princess has grown on me, it is going to be sad to see her passed by the young whipper snappers.  I am reminded of Jill Trenary attempting to compete after 1990.  One can only think her career trajectory may be similar to what would've happened had Bourne and Kraatz continued after their win.  Sometimes, the judges give you a title as a way of telling you to move aside.

Dominique Moceanu audio interview from earlier today on Jim Rome.

Betty Okino's interesting take on injuries throughout her career.  (The Karolyi alum all describe similar situations in their own way---how okay or damaged by it they appear to be depends on their own psyche and/or denial.  It is clear Bela was not in touch with the individual needs of his athletes when they were past the point of exhaustion, as Moceanu describes Alexandrov as being.  Numerous injuries at camp (the Mattie Larson double ankle sprain) appear to be consistent with this.  It is not clear what Betty thinks of Bela (she can't even spell his name consistently), but her inner mantras has a way of revealing themselves through her seventh-grade-level essay.

For those who have never read the Hilary Grivich Diaries.

Kristi Yamaguchi donates $10,000 to Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii.

Will Kim's return motivate Mao Asada?

The Upper East Side Gang was filmed for NBC Nightly News tonight.  They only had the Olympians there, thus it was not the true group.  Tara Lipinski was followed to her ballet barre workout this morning.  The group was also filmed at Chelsea Piers.

Q+A with Breaking Pointe's Katie Martin


  1. Loved the Moceanu interview with Jim Rome.

  2. Wow, NBC Nightly News doing some hard hitting journalism there!

  3. The Grivich diaries...yet MORE proof (as if we needed it) that elite gymnastics is a form of legalized child abuse. I love that mom says she decided to share the diaries to raise awareness among other parents. Hey lady, I'd venture a guess that most parents would already know not to put their 90 lb. daughter on a strict weight loss regimen. Unless, of course, they're crazy gymnastics parents. And of course, in the end, what did the kid get? A swift kick from an organization that doesn't give a rat's a-- about anything except making a select few adults rich off of these kids.

  4. Jim Rome is almost as insufferable as Moceanu. I liked when She called out Bela for being an attention whore...pot meet kettle.

  5. Hmm..anyone else notice Gaby seemed absent from the girls' and families' olympic trials celebration? Or did I just miss her? It's around 32:00 in Aly's video.

  6. Anon at 4:02- I noticed that as well. But seeing as how her family was at Trials and they all don't live in the same state maybe she was just spending time with them. Who knows. She isn't often in pictures with the other girls on the team.

  7. wow aly has a hot guy, is it really just her friend?

  8. much as I love and support Carolina,I don't know if this is a good decision (and it's a surprise considering that she has been talking for months about her retirement..anyway happy to see her again on the ice!