Thursday, July 26, 2012

Text of the Day

"Rachael Flatt's new exhibition: Xtina's Ain't No Other Man.  I feel slimy. It is a bit like the girls dancing in Dance Moms. Even though she goes to Stanford, we know she calls her parents before bed at 11 p.m. each night." - Uschi Keszler


  1. Does this mean she's continuing this season?

  2. Rachel's shills keep going on about how smart she is, but I have never seen anything she has said or done in public that would contradict the impression that she is an idiot.

    Even Mirai has a daffy sort of wit.

    1. What? Zumba and Freshman Lit aren't hardcore classes?

    2. To be fair, maybe she's great at math or science - some kind of skill-set that has absolutely no relationship to aesthetics or performing.

      She may make a great accountant, banker or lab tech someday.

  3. Ughhh I was hoping injury will force her to go away. She's not smart enough to realize no one enjoys her skating. She's the Raisman of figure skating.