Friday, July 13, 2012

Sex in the Olympic Village

The sense of discovery can be powerful. At the 1976 Montreal Games, three-time Olympic diver and four-time gold medalist Greg Louganis, appearing in his first Olympics at age 16, developed a kinship with the boys on the Soviet Union diving team and soon found himself partying in their rooms. "Once events were over, our entire diet was caviar, vodka and Russian champagne. It was crazy," Louganis says. He was particularly struck by the Russians' sense of sexual liberation. "Culturally, they're more openly affectionate toward each other, which I just drank up, since I was still discovering who I was. But I had my eyes on one Soviet. I'd curl up in his lap; we'd hug and cuddle. I felt so protected." It didn't progress beyond that, Louganis says. "He was hooking up with one of the other male divers on the team" -- not to mention married.


  1. That article was an awesome read for sure

  2. In the words of Peter Griffin: "That is AWWWEEEESOOME!!!"

  3. Very good! I remember hearing about the Great Condom Shortage of 2000, but hearing their stories makes it much more relatable.

    Further confirming Ryan Lochte's douche qualities: "My last Olympics, I had a girlfriend -- big mistake. Now I'm single, so London should be really good. I'm excited."

    I'm not surprised that the most scandalous gymnastics mention is someone sneaking a Snickers bar to Shawn. Those poor girls either have no clue what's going on or they're hearts (ahem) are aching to go out and join the fun...

    What do you think will happen when the games are in Rio, land of sexual openness and hot, sexy, sweaty bodies?!
    "You shut up when you speak sexy Portuguese to me in that tiny thong and your... oh forget it..."

  4. That's just nasty.

  5. Didn't Shawn sneak a kiss with a cyclist named Tyler on her last night?