Saturday, July 28, 2012

2012 Olympic Men's Qualifications

Live updates on Subdivision 2 after the jump!

Complete results from Subdivision 1 can be found here:

Great Britain pulled off a shocker beating China by over 2 points. China is going to have to put on much better performance in the finals to pull off a medal.

Photo Gallery from Subdivision 1

Subdivision 2 with the USA and Japan is starting now!

NBC has the live video feed here.

Horton falls off pommel horse. Shocker. At least the US gets finished with their nemesis in the first rotation.
Hottie Mikulak hits his pommel routine. Struggles from Japan on high bar, including a fall.

Live Scores

My feed starts to buffer as Kohei goes on high bar, swell. Kohei falls on his Kolman. Not a great start for Japan. Leyva hits a good pommel set. 14.886. Kohei only gets a 15. No high bars finals obviously. Orozco goes 14.766. Good start for the US except Horton, though a fall or a rough set is usually what Jonathan has to offer. USA leads after pommel horse, shocker! 43.965 for the US and 43.766 for Japan.

Hottie Jake Dalton starts the USA off well on rings with a 15.1 Tanaka went out of bounds a couple of times on floor. Japan is really messing up so far. Leyva 14.6 on rings. Orozco 15.066. Kohei nails his incredible floor routine which Japan really needed. 15.766 for Kohei. Horton takes a large step on his still rings dismount. 15.166, losing .3 on his dismount. 88.731 for the US after 2 events and 87.631 for Japan.

Good vault from Leyva. First guy up for Japan on pommels falls. John Orozco vaults using an easier one than he did at Nationals which was probably a smart move. 15.8 for John. Mikulak nearly sticks his vault! 16.3! That's my boy! Hits his handspring double front! A bit of a squat on the landing. I'm thinking he is in vault finals. Oh my, Kohei falls off the pommel horse. This is another bad rotation for Japan. Jake Dalton 15.9 for his first vault. Dalton unfortunately sits his handspring double front vault, so no vault finals. 12.466 on pommels for Kohei? That's shocking.

USA 137.297 Japan 130.597. Whoa. Japan's day has been rougher than China.

I have to say watching the live feeds of the events is so nice because we don't have to listen to commentators. Shannon Miller is commentating with some guy on the main feed. Aunt Joyce will love this. My guy Roger Federer is going to a 3rd set in his match. Come on Roger! You need to win Olympic gold!

Solid start for Japan on still rings as rotation 4 gets under way. The US is on parallel bars. Hottie Sam leads the US off with a good routine. Same is soooooo hot!! Sorry about the fangirl squealing here. Catalina's Leo wants him badly. Horton screws up. In other news the sky is blue. Kohei with a killer still rings. Japan will make up some ground on this event. Orozco does just ok making a few errors. Sorry I'm not a technical expert on the men's events. Sam scored a 15.316 on p-bars, nice. Orozco 14.533. Leyva, the world champ on this event, makes some errors but still manages a 15.333. He won't make the event finals here.

After 4: USA 182.479, Japan 175.696

US to high bar and Japan to vault.

Mikulak off on high bar on his Kolman. Japan is doing well on vault. Orozco does a solid high bar routine. Stuck yurchenko 2.5 from Kohei! 15.226 for Orozco. Horton nails his high bar routine! Good for him after his podium training struggles.

Roger Federer pulls through and wins his first round match, woot!!!

15.566 for Horton. He had some form issues on his double double, tucking his knees. Great routine from Leyva. 15.866! Finals for Mr. Leyva.

After 5: US 229.177 Japan 223.379

The US ends on floor while Japan ends on parallel bars.

Orozco starts out with a good floor routine. 15.166. Why do the guys call Danell Johnny? Bouncing around a bit on his landings. 15.1. Danell might qualify 1st to the AA. Beautiful floor routine from hottie Sam. Kohei nails a great PB set. 15.366 for Sam. Great routine from Jake Dalton sticking his triple twist dismount. He's another hottie. USA, USA, USA!

USA is in first after 2 subdivisions of qualifying with a 275.342. I'm feeling this team. Leyva and Orozco 1-2 in the AA qualifying so far. Japan finished with a 270.503 and is currently 3rd in the qualifying behind the US and Great Britain. That's it for subdivision 2!


  1. Horton messing up. Why am I not surprised?

  2. Ladies and gentlemen, USA and GB have officially opened a can of WHOOP ASS

  3. Kohei has had so many falls already :( What's going on with him?? I'm terrified he might not make AA finals, eeeek. :/

    1. LOL, so did I! I'm sure you all are already aware of this, but Kohei did qualify into AA finals in 9th.

  4. Is anyone else's livefeed messing up? Mine works fine for a while and then buffers for about 5 minutes.

  5. They're calling Danell Donny/Dani/no clue how he'd spell it.

  6. I can't figure out the nbc website - there another website with the times NBC will be televising gymnastics?

    1. Primetime. Always assume primetime. Smooshed in between other sports, sugary sob stories, featuring the 3 Stooges of announcing, anything for the money and ratings (anything except competent commentary apparently).

  7. If they attempt to advance for finals on vault, do they count the average 2 vaults for the team's qualification too?
    ...Or just the first vault?

  8. I wouldn't get too cocky yet. This was just prelims. China and Japan might come back with a vengeance. Don't celebrate yet.

  9. Prelims is still an important task. USA delivered under ridiculous pressure after being underestimated for years. That is worth celebrating.

  10. USA has been underestimated for years and looked down upon. They have now established themselves a powerhouse. THAT is worth celebrating. And prelims is still a big deal. Cements your position for the rest of the games.

  11. Obviously nothing's written in stone yet, but qualifying in 1st is a pretty big advantage. It means the US will start on floor and end on highbar and that they get to go last in the competition. They get to start on a strength for them and end on a strength for them and they get to hide their weaker events (pommel horse and rings) in 2 earlier rotations.

    I still think Japan could easily bring it in the finals, though, as I personally believe someone either clocked Uchimura in the head causing disorientation or he really was distracted by all that pink. China I'm not so sure about, though, but anything can happen.

    What I really think is interesting, though, that while China and Japan were definitely not at their best, neither was the US. Like the other two, the US could easily be better than they were. Nobody peaked in qualification which is what's going to make for a very interesting team final.