Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Photos of the Day: All Eyes on Japan

Are they the team to beat?  Will this be Kohei's crowning moment or will he be a Janet Lynn?


  1. Kohei's crowning moment for sure!!!

  2. Wouldn't a better question be, will he be a Kwan? Lynn was only in one Olympics, Kohei is trying his second like Kwan.

    I think Kohei will win this, he's just so consistent.

  3. OMG! Janet Lynn... that girl broke my heart when I was a little girl.

  4. And unlike Janet Lynn, Kohei has world titles. Kwan is a better comparison.


    “You either adjust or perish. It opens the door to a lot of people. If the Chinese are faltering, it means the Americans have a better chance at medals."

    Wow, kind of an insensitive quote from Shannon? As much as she wants to sound patriotic, did she forget all the fiasco from Sydney (And especially to that poor Chinese girl no less)? Couldn't she have at least just said "it means the Americans need to be cautious of adjustment to the equipment also." ???