Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This and That

The men of Team USA at their training camp.

A fantastic interview with Tatiana Lysenko.  Ms. Lysenko is extremely intelligent and gave the best answers ever seen on gymnastike.  It should be noted that their usual interviewers are not responsible for this great work.

Sabrina Vega says she is aiming for 2016.  While this is likely the post trials emotion talking, the girl does need to be realistic.  She upgrades at a snail's pace.  The sport is passing her by.  Either she needs to switch coaches to a magician, or she needs to head to college.

Vera Wang Splits From Husband

Shannon Miller teaches us how to attain perfect splits.

Cynthia Phaneuf is out of the Grand Prix with a stress fracture in her back.  Phaneuf wasn't given an assignment in the series, but was hoping for the TBA spot at Skate Canada.

The Chinese Men are heading to London.  Lu Shanzhen told IG that He Kexin isn't officially the fifth team member yet.  Jiang Yuyuan, He Kexin and Tan Sixin are still battling it out for the last spot despite media reports otherwise.

Grant Hochstein revealed his music on twitter:
SP: La Califfa
LP: King Arthur & Troy

Both programs were choreographed by Karen Kwan and Peter Oppegard.  He will debut them at the LA Open.

Jenny Kirk, the skinny white Oprah, says to challenge old beliefs and change your life!

Ashley Kupets' demo reel:


  1. Love the Lysenko interview. My favorite quote:

    "And taking risks like that was part of our team philosophy: the idea that if you could do something, you should do it—you should show it to the world. It wasn’t about playing a game of points or determining how to use the Code to your advantage. It was about showing the best gymnastics that you could in a pure sense."

    Wish it were still that way :-(

    1. The Soviets could only afford to do that when they had little competition. Challengers and strategy and mind games came in before the code.

  2. That's the quote that most resonated with me, as well. I miss the Soviet gymnastics philosophy.