Thursday, July 26, 2012

Scenes from Podium Training

I live for all Asian tourists.

The best a group of British women has ever looked.

How to look bored AND constipated.

"The American girls, they bigger.  The shoulders so wide!"

You're NEVER getting rid of me.

I put Maroney on the team because you all like her.  If you wobble on your full, Gabby Douglas, I will break three of your toes.

What's up, Suckers?!

Do you seriously think you're going to take my fucking spray bottle?! I only like you when cameras are around.

Martha just gave me a full-length mirror as a present.

I would like to thank my coaches for stretching me beyond the point of tears.

I'm just like getting into my floor routine and listening to my rap---you know the clean versions,   I mean you know, oh man, no cussin, but I'm just like getting into my groove and showing those girls my stuff.  I just like love the USA.

Why are people always saying British women look like horses?!

You don't even know my name.

I bet you're glad you never had to spot Cheng Fei.

You're in the wrong event...


I will bring honor to China.

Another trip with Peggy is stealing my soul

I stole Aliya's eyeshadow to freak Gabby out.

I'm not actually surprised, it's just my eyebrows.

Who is more full of shit?

Why did he let Sarah Patterson dress us?!

How I feel watching your gymnastics...

Oh man, people tell me that I like remind them of Dominique Dawes so I decided to just get in the groove and rub some chalk on my legs and be all thinking about the Mag 7, man!

They just told me I was washed up five years ago?

You should be scared.

Hello ladies...

I haven't aged a day since 2003.

Sui Lu: B.A.M.F.


  1. Ha, you're right! That is totally an Alabama Leo!

  2. "I'm not actually surprised, it's just my eyebrows." Oh Grishina!

  3. Too funny. Tweedle actually looks ok in the pics. Except for the horse faced one. I wonder if jordyn has been tested for steroids. Seriously, they should be more vigilant.

    1. They already "randomly" drug tested Wieber. HAHAHA. I bet they were thinking the same thing.

  4. Beth should hook up with Michael Phelps... they should have babies! I'd bet they'd be real pretty and ready for the Kentucky derby in a few years.

  5. Dear Imogen cairns, stop using fake tan: 1) nobody believes a girl from England looks that tan, 2) you look like a carrot!!

    1. Yes, amazing how bronze (orange) she got during the coldest, wettest summer in English history (or close to it). Though BTwed is rocking a bit of tanner too. Hers is more subtle though.

      Also, if one is going to wear beam shoes, I like the ones that look like ballet slippers. Good choice.

  6. This is awesome. I hope for more throughout the games.

  7. The English loooove their fake 'n' bake--case in point, Pippa Middleton.

  8. I Chinese! I Japanese! Take picture! Take picture!

  9. "You don't even know my name"

    HAHAHA OMG classic...

    "Yeah well you don't even know your real age!"

  10. "Whats up Suckas" - These are great! Keep them coming!

  11. Where are you getting the pictures if I may ask?