Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Photos of Podium Training

Japan has looked like the team to beat in podium training.  Despite a few hiccups, Kohei Uchimura's reports indicate that he looks ready to stake his claim at being the greatest gymnast to ever live.  For the American men, Horton continues to be a hot mess in spots.  Already a questionable member of the team based on trials performances, he struggled on high bar and repeatedly sat down his vaults like the rest of Team USA.  Leyva was solid despite vault issues and a few PBar kinks.  Mikulak's ankle appears fear from reports and he is in top shape along with Jake Dalton.  Chen Yibing is still the utter master of still rings.

Big boys have big dreams.

Four years later, he isn't as sharp.

Lucky Kayla Nowak

The King

Rohene Ward and a few Brits

The  Devil

Will we be white knuckling Team USA on vault in prelims?

It's easy to laugh off mistakes when you're this good.

1 for 4 on the Cassina

Kohei's look of judgment.

This is so easy for me, I'm bored.



The awkward photo editors will choose to run

Portrait of the artist

Big girls have dreams too.

Leyva with the media magnet

John O's J Lo Booty

What Aly Raisman needs for Hanukkah

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  1. "This is so easy for me I'm bored." Hahaha. That's probably EXACTLY what Kohei is thinking all the time!

    I still can't believe Daniel Keatings isn't on the GB team. :(